Why is comparing L-carnitine vs acetyl-L-carnitine important in keeping a good health and well-being? There are several reasons for that, and to know what these are, we will talk about them in this article. Keep reading to find out more.
During these times of a global pandemic, it’s more important than ever to keep your immune system working properly. The human body is an amazing machine. If kept in optimal condition, your body has the tools it needs to fight off germs and bacteria. But when our immune system is compromised, it may feel like you pick u

There have been alpha lipoic acid weight loss reviews and studies showing the potential of this compound in burning body fat.

What Alpha Lipoic Acid Weight Loss Reviews and Studies Reveal

What Is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Before we discuss what alpha lipoic acid weight loss reviews have to say, let us first take a look at what this compound is so we have a little background.

Balance in the Body

We have all heard the words, “life is a balancing act.” The phrase usually applies to mixing work, play, and other activities to achieve a healthy mental-physical state.

It turns out that the health of our body at the biochemical level is also a balancing act that involves numerous metabolic pathways interacting and communicating with each other within the cells of our tissues and organs. As with the adage, “too much work makes Jack a dull boy,” it is also true that too much exposure to certain external factors, such as toxins, carcinogens (impacted by smoking, for example), or even food, can create a metabolic imbalance.

The calcium and magnesium relationship plays a crucial role in your overall health. To better understand this nutrient connection, read on, and let’s dig deeper into the science behind it.

We all know that vegetables are good for health. What’s not to love?

They’re low in calories and sky high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But did you know that some veggies stand out from the rest for their additional health benefits?

Take a peek at this list and discover the top vegetables that you should include in your diet:

Curious about how fat cells affect your health? Find out what they do to your body and how they can impact inflammation levels.

Before the industrial-agricultural revolution (about 150 years ago), food was relatively scarce and, consequently, expensive. Obesity was often associated with the privileged (hence the term “fat cat”), who could afford to eat well and do little else.

“What is a coenzyme?” is one of the essential questions to ask if you’re planning to take coenzyme Q10. To know the answer, read this post.

Should I Take CoQ10?

Here’s why it’s necessary to ask, “What is a coenzyme?” According to U.S. News and Report, coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10 for short) is the third most popular supplement in the United States.

CoQ10 supplementation is prescribed by many doctors for treating or preventing a range of conditions from headache relief to Parkinson’s disease.

In the past two issues of the Juvenon Health Journal, we’ve utilized an important Harvard study – identifying the top preventable risk factors for premature mortality – as a springboard for a healthy lifestyle discussion.

While smoking and high blood pressure emerged as the top grim reapers, other factors were also significant. Obesity, physical inactivity and high blood glucose were each responsible for roughly one in 10 deaths. According to the mathematical model used by the researchers, 163,000 to 217,000 Americans die annually due to high blood glucose levels.

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