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7 Foods That Make You Smarter [INFOGRAPHIC]
Healthy Tips
Olivia Harrison

7 Foods That Make You Smarter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can eating the right foods make you smarter? Researchers say yes! In fact, recent studies prove that what you eat is one of the most powerful influences on day-to-day brain skills. Experts say the key is to fill your meals with essential nutrients to keep brain cells healthy and prevent inflammation that can cause damage to the brain. Here are four of our favorite brain-healthy foods.

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Extended Family Group In Park | Keys To Improve Human Longevity | longevity definition | Featured
Healthy Tips
Olivia Harrison

4 Keys To Improve Human Longevity

Human longevity depends on how each of us chooses to live, and to know how to live a healthy and longer life, here are several keys you need to learn. RELATED: What Is Catalase: The Longevity Enzyme In this article: Key Supplements That Help Protect Our Cells from Damage Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Promote Human Longevity Key Factors That Boost

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Couple doing yoga and relaxation exercises by the sea | Ways Keto Fasting Provides Anti-Aging Benefits | intermittent fasting on keto | Featured
Healthy Tips
Nancy Wilson

5 Ways Keto Fasting Provides Anti-Aging Benefits

Keto fasting, or keto intermittent fasting, combines the anti-aging benefits of two popular ways of eating: the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Keep reading to learn more! RELATED: What You Need To Know About Fasting, Starvation Diet, and Caloric Restriction In this article: Promotes Weight Loss Reduces Oxidative Stress Enhances Mitochondrial Function Reduces Sugar Levels Reduces Triglycerides Stay Youthful with Keto

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Spicy Curry Soup with Chicken
Healthy Recipes
Ann Lindemann

Spicy Chicken Curry Soup Recipe

This chicken curry soup recipe shows healthy meals can be absolutely delicious. Here’s how to make this bowl of nutritious goodness. RELATED: Pumpkin Curry Soup In this article: The Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe That Wows Tip About Curry Paste Chicken Curry Soup Key Ingredient Benefits 3 More Ideas to Make a Mouth-Watering Chicken Curry Soup Make Your Own Tasty and

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