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Man in a restaurant eating a sandwich| From Carbs to Fat to Diabetes | carbs turn into fat | carb intake | Featured
Juvenon Health Journal
Ann Lindemann

From Carbs To Fat To Diabetes

The food pyramid has recently been rearranged to promote more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, and fewer simple carbohydrates (so-called bad). The major emphasis is to stay away from those simple carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (foods made from refined flour and sugar, and which the body readily converts to simple sugars). Simple carbohydrates have been shown to produce a sharp elevation in blood-glucose levels, which promotes disease. Why the sudden change away from these carbs?

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Happy couple at beach on a bright sunny day | Habits People Who Age Well Do Every Day | Featured
Healthy Tips
Nancy Wilson

7 Habits People Who Age Well Do Every Day

If you’re looking to ways to age well, look no further. Aging gracefully is possible with these daily habits. RELATED: Seniors and Sleep: How Aging Changes Your Zzz’s In this article: Keep a Healthy Diet Stay Physically Active Get Sun Protection Have Adequate Hours of Sleep Spend Time with Positive People Laugh More and Often Maintain a Positive Perspective and

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Smiling senior woman enjoying pilates class at the gym | Is ALA The New Silver Bullet Of Weight Loss? | what does alpha lipoic acid do for weight loss | Featured
Juvenon Health Journal
Ann Lindemann

Is ALA The New Silver Bullet Of Weight Loss?

While American contends with a growing obesity epidemic, there is also a growing body of scientific research dedicated to finding a solution. A recent study, published in the journal Obesity, suggests that along with calorie reduction, the dietary supplement alpha-lipoic acid is a safe and effective aid in weight loss efforts.

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Japanese tea | Tea Benefits: Reasons To Love Tea | love sweet tea | Featured
Healthy Tips
Olivia Harrison

Tea Benefits: 9 Reasons To Love Tea

Lately, everyone from Dr. Oz to Oprah has been touting the benefits of tea. The Tea Association of the United States cites health benefits as the main reason tea consumption has grown steadily for the past two decades. Technically tea is anything that comes from the tea plant, including green tea, black tea, white tea and oolong tea. So, if the tea leaf is present, you’ll get all the health benefits. When you learn of its many healthy charms, a cup of tea just might replace your favorite Starbuck’s standard.

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Mature Men Giving Women Piggy Backs | Metabolic Balance For Maximum Health | metabolic imbalance | metabolic balance definition | Featured
Juvenon Health Journal
Ann Lindemann

Metabolic Balance For Maximum Health

Juvenon Health Journal Vol. 5 No. 6, June 2006 In light of the obesity epidemic, scientists have redoubled their efforts to understand the signaling mechanisms in the brain that regulate appetite and monitor levels of stored food and circulating nutrients. The signaling protein mTOR, acting on the hypothalamus within a signaling complex, has been shown to modulate feeding and body

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