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Two mature women in conversation while walking with bicycle at park | Foods That Help You Look Younger | looking young
Healthy Tips
Olivia Harrison

11 Foods That Help You Look Younger

Consider adding these 11 foods that can help you look younger to your next grocery shopping list. RELATED: Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods In this article: Watermelon Eggs Blueberries Pomegranate Coffee Avocados Broccoli Green Tea Red Wine Dark Chocolate Sweet Potatoes 11 Foods To Keep You Looking Young 1. Watermelon That’s right … this summertime fave is rich with lycopene. Why

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Raw vegetables on wooden board | Top Fresh Vegetables To Add To Your Diet | most healthy vegetables | Featured
Healthy Tips
Olivia Harrison

Top 12 Fresh Vegetables To Add To Your Diet

Load your body with a lot of nutrients by eating these delicious and nutritious fresh vegetables. RELATED: Plants, Genes, And Health: A Growing Connection In this article: Why Are Vegetables Healthy 4 Tips When Shopping for and Consuming Fresh Vegetables 12 Fresh Vegetables Your Body Deserves for Better Health Why Are Vegetables Healthy The next time you visit your grocery

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Pouring red wine from bottle into the wineglass | Alcohol And Cholesterol: The Link Between The Two | alcohol and high cholesterol high cholesterol and alcohol | Featured
Healthy Tips
Nancy Wilson

Alcohol And Cholesterol: The Link Between The Two

Can drinking affect your heart health? Read on to understand the cause and effect relationship between alcohol and cholesterol. RELATED: Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diseased Arteries: Making the Connection In this article: What Is Cholesterol? How Does Alcohol Affect Cholesterol? When Is Alcohol Consumption Beneficial to Cardiovascular Health? When Does Alcohol Raise Cholesterol? Who Should Avoid Alcohol? How Else Can You

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Loving Hispanic Couple In Countryside | Mitochondria Is The Powerhouse Of The Cell: Ways To Keep It Healthy | how to keep cells healthy | Featured
Juvenon Health Journal
Ann Lindemann

Mitochondria Are The Powerhouse Of The Cell: 10 Ways To Keep Them Healthy

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. To make them healthier and stronger, you need to work on your lifestyle and diet. Or, you can follow the suggested ways below. RELATED: The Mitochondria: The Cell’s Dynamos [INFOGRAPHIC] In this article: Mitochondria Are the Powerhouse of the Cell What Is Mitochondrial Dysfunction? How to Keep Your Mitochondria Healthy Boosting the Mitochondria,

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Senior couple in gym working out, doing push ups | Endurance Fitness Training: Keeping The Mitochondria Furnaces Burning | what is endurance training | Featured
Juvenon Health Journal
Ann Lindemann

Endurance Fitness Training: Keeping The Mitochondria Furnaces Burning

What immediately comes to mind when someone mentions exercise? Guilt? Rationalizing? (I’m still pretty healthy even though I don’t exercise. A lot of my friends don’t exercise and they seem healthy.) Of course, not everyone should run miles at a time or lift massive weights. But there is compelling evidence to support the significant health benefits, both physical and mental, from a daily regimen of exercise appropriate for you.

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