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Become a VIP Club Member by creating a free customer account with us today!
Become a VIP Subscriber Member by making a subscription purchase with us today!

VIP Club Perks:

  • Earn points with sign up
  • Earn points with every purchase
  • Earn points for product reviews
  • Birthday rewards
  • Redeem points for discounts

VIP Subscriber Perks:

  • All of the VIP Club Member Perks +
  • Preferred pricing – 25% off all orders
  • Always enjoy free priority shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Prompt VIP customer support
  • Early access to sales

How do I become a VIP Club Member?

By creating a customer account, you'll be automatically enrolled in our VIP Club and eligible to begin earning points towards bigger savings.

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How do I become a VIP Subscriber Member?

Select the "Subscribe and Save" option on any eligible product

On any eligible product on the site, you'll see an option to "Subscribe". This automatically enrolls you in Juvenon's VIP Subscriber Program.

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How do I access my VIP Perks?

By logging in to your customer account, you'll be able to access and manage all of your VIP Perks. This is also where you can manage any subscriptions that you may have as a VIP Subscriber Member.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I save 25% off on every order or just the first month?
Yes! As a VIP Subscriber you save 25% on ALL orders. That includes both future subscription and one-time orders.
Can I add products to my subscription?
Absolutely! You can add products to active subscriptions by logging in to your account.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes! Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Please note that by cancelling your subscription you will no longer have access to the VIP Subscriber Perks.
How do I earn points?
There's many ways to earn points as a VIP member! You earn for signing up, making purchases, following us on social, referring friends and more!
How do I redeem points?
Redeeming points is easy! Simply login to your VIP account and review your dashboard for available discounts and products. There will be an option to redeem your points for discounts and products once you've earned enough of them.

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