Alpha Gold Male

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  • Boost Your Healthy Prostate Function!
  • Increase The Size of Your Sex Drive
  • Turbocharge Your Alpha Male Testosterone Levels!

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Remember feeling 18 years old, when your body was fueled by youth, and “Prime of Life Effects” allowed you to function at your peak? When you could take a leak without dripping, shaking, and leaving a wet spot on your pants (yeah, you know what I mean)! And when you felt (and looked) healthy, young, and strong.

Well, a healthy prostate and healthy testosterone levels helped fuel that younger you! They were the primary factors that empowered you during the day (and all through the night)!

Unfortunately, once you hit your early twenties, your testosterone levels drop, and your prostate is inflicted with wear… every single year (year after year)! The result? You start feeling and looking older.

Thankfully, now you can feel healthier, younger, stronger, boost your prostate health, boost your testosterone levels, and reignite your “Prime of Life Effects” – with Alpha Gold MALE, and it’s FIVE CLINICALLY PROVEN ingredients, including:

Alpha Gold Male Ingredient #1

KSM-66 Ashwagandha®

PROVEN by an unprecedented TWENTY-TWO Gold Standard Human Clinical Trials to: Reduce Anxiety & Stress … Get Thin … Boost Your Mind … Get Ripped … Boost Your Energy … Gain Mounting Power … Fight the Gray … and more!

Alpha Gold Male Ingredient #2

Fenugreek seed Extract

Boost your overall sexual drive and desire (your libido) as your testosterone levels soar, while saponins, coumarins, and flavonoid antioxidants will BOOST your Libido Regulating sex hormones and associated neurotransmitters!

Alpha Gold Male Ingredient #3

Boron citrate

Studies have now PROVEN that Alpha Gold MALE’s Boron Citrate the underlying cause of joint discomfort more than half - so you can reduce joint discomfort and speed recovery! By taking two capsules a day, your body will be flooded with the PERFECT amount of this “Move Free” Element.

Alpha Gold Male Ingredient #4

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract

Saw palmetto berry extract is derived from the fruit of the American dwarf palm tree. The extract contains bioactive fatty acids and phytosterols. These bioactive compounds can bind to receptors and influence enzyme activity to help support a healthy prostate. Studies have demonstrated that ß-sitosterol, a plant phytosterol in saw palmetto berry, can support healthy urination through its effect on the cells of the prostate.

All of these PURE, CERTIFIED ingredients have been PROVEN through multiple Gold Standard Clinical Trials and Scientific Studies. And any one of them on their own would help you boost your health and wellness as a man. But EVERY capsule is PACKED with ALL FIVE CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS – that are fully backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee to give you the Prostate and MAN BOOST you (and every guy) needs!

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60 Day Guarantee

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