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Fight Stress, Worry, Burnout & Fatigue...With the clinically studied ingredients in SeroLastin®

  • Improve mood and feelings of joy and happiness
  • Significantly boost energy, focus, and mental alertness
  • Promote soothing relaxation so you feel peaceful and calm
  • Restore quality sleep so you feel rested and refreshed

No side effects. Stimulant-free. Non-addictive. Non-drowsy.

Nature’s “FAST-ACTING FEEL GOOD” PILL boosts your energy and lifts your mood—the longer you take it the better you feel!

SeroLastin® gives you EVERYTHING you need to “feel good” every day…in one little white pill.

SeroLastin® far exceeds any other mood pill on the market. There are so many reasons to feel good about taking it. This “fast-acting feel good pill”, formulated with the 6 most powerful balancers in nature, can help you:

  • Lifts mood
  • Reduces worry & sadness
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Eases fatigue
  • Boosts energy
  • Relaxes your mind
  • Improves mental acuity
  • Increases focus
  • NO jitters
  • NO racing heart
  • NO rise in blood pressure
  • NO sexual side effects
  • NO drowsiness
  • NO addictive ingredients
  • NO crash

Reclaim Your Happiness and Good Moods.

Like you, I’ve been through hard times...where I didn’t even want to face tomorrow. Financial troubles, a failing marriage, the loss of a loved one, health scares, job loss, loneliness, despair...I’ve been there.

That’s why we made SeroLastin®. This “fast-acting feel good pill” is your sweet salvation no matter what life throws at you.

Give your mood a boost with SeroLastin®


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Why is SeroLastin® so fantastic for your mood, relaxation and feelings of happiness?

It’s the Secret of Serotonin...

Want to feel really good, really fast? SeroLastin’s 6 clinically studied ingredients are here for you!

Clinically-tested Affron® is nature’s most powerful serotonin booster. It’s an advanced form of saffron, called Affron®, and it literally BLEW AWAY ordinary mood pills in scientific studies for supporting a positive mood. Clinical studies show it significantly improves poor moods by restarting the brain’s chemical engines, bringing serotonin levels soaring back.

Sensoril® significantly reduces worry and improves fatigue starting day 1. Scientists have found impressive TRIPLE calming benefits in SeroLastin®’s Sensoril®...

  • First, this ancient herb helps normalize the brain’s HPA axis which regulates neurotransmitters and stress hormones like cortisol…
  • Next, it mimics a key neurotransmitter to help you stay relaxed yet alert, calm and balanced…
  • Finally, it helps restore harmony to the adrenals by helping regulate cortisol levels. Being stuck in fight or flight mood overworks the adrenals, leading to adrenal fatigue—that’s why you feel exhausted.

EnXtra® boosts mental energy 107% in one hour or less. Low energy and “brain fog” is a BIG problem for so many Americans and yet the medical field is barely talking about it. That’s why we included a patented, clinically studied form of Alpinia galanga extract called EnXtra®.

Magnafolate® C, an active, patented form of 5-MTHF. Studies show supplementation of 5-MTHF is effective for mood swings but only Magnafolate® C will do because…

  • Magnafolate® C bypasses roadblocks caused by the MTHFR mutation. It does this by crossing the blood brain barrier and seeping deep into the brain. Once there, Magnafolate® C supports BH4 production so you can produce serotonin and dopamine. Plus…
  • It keeps BH4 active in the brain longer. The longer BH-4 stays active, the more you keep churning out serotonin, feeling full of life.

Vitamin B6
Boosts serotonin and supports a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B12 Supports healthy mood and sleep and delivers a surge of mental energy.

Give your mood a boost with SeroLastin®


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