Immune health is a hot topic, especially as we enter the cold and flu season.Luckily, there are several ways—in addition to practicing good hygiene and following public health recommendations—that you can bolster your body’s natural defenses against sickness this winter.

Love, relationships and sex are so much a part of the human experience. When we think back on all the great, amazing fun times of our lives, we will recall a few memorable relationships that stand out. Maybe there was incredible sex, enduring love and great passion in the relationship. 
Good sleep is the foundation of good health. When you are having a hard time sleeping, you may find yourself experiencing other problems in life. That is why it is essential to figure out what may be keeping you awake at night. While outside distractions can play a role, you also need to understand the relationship between serotonin and sleep.

Manage discomfort better and improve your quality of life with these supplements and vitamins for joints.

1. Vitamin C

This well-known vitamin/antioxidant can help in reducing joint inflammation and pain by getting rid of free radicals from the body. Additionally, it protects joint connective tissues by promoting collagen production, the main protein found in our bone tissues and joints.

The human body is a remarkable machine in so many ways. Your immune system has the ability to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses to keep you healthy. Of course, there’s one caveat: you must stay in good health so that your body’s systems all work as they were designed to work.
If you have cold hands and feet, then you already know how annoying it can be to deal with. Always carrying a sweater in case you get cold (even in the summer), always stuffing your hands in your pockets trying to get warm, and sleeping in heavy socks are the norm.

Consider adding these 11 foods that can help you look younger to your next grocery shopping list.

1. Watermelon

That’s right … this summertime fave is rich with lycopene. Why is this antioxidant compound so important?

It can be troubling to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Even with medication, the doctor will often encourage us to change our lifestyle.

It might be disconcerting to think of having to make changes, but it's good to remind ourselves that the rewards are many. For instance, with the right changes, we might be able to prevent, delay, or lessen the need for medication. A healthy lifestyle will help us not only look good but also feel better and more positive about the future.

You may be one of the millions who are looking for ways to improve your health. It’s imperative to stay healthy to experience the best life has to offer. Life can be exciting and fun, but it all starts with optimal health.

We can make minor adjustments that can make a huge difference in the way we feel. Often, the hardest part is simply making the decision to make positive changes.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in nitric oxide (NO), which plays an important role in the cardiovascular system and is involved in a number of other functions in the body. Nitric oxide supplements are designed to increase nitric oxide production in order to support these functions.

But do nitric oxide supplements actually work? This article will take a look at what the research says about the benefits of supplementation.

Many of us suffer with joint pain. Joint pain is no longer something that afflicts only the elderly. These days, we see people in their twenties and thirties with joint pain.

The great news is that you don’t have to suffer through joint pain. There are numerous natural remedies that will improve your overall health.
As we age, sleep becomes more important than ever — and quite possibly harder to attain. We may find it harder to stay asleep during the night, and find ourselves needing more naps during the day as we get older.

Sleep is a vital rest period that allows the body to process memories, recover from physical or mental stress, and heal and repair. Essentially, it’s the body’s “recovery mode.”

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