The population of America is aging. And with these changes to the body come some challenges. As we grow older, we may begin to gain weight or stop being active. Often, people report feeling tired and sluggish. Some of this could be due to the fact that we aren’t getting outdoors like we used to before.
Since 2020, immune health has become front and center in conversations about health, nutrition, and fitness. And for good reason, too — COVID-19 has highlighted just how important immune health is for overall health, and vice versa. But did you know that in addition to viruses and bacteria, the immune system is also ta
Everyday life can be toxic. We are all inadvertently exposed to harmful substances such as chlorine, herbicides, fluoride, pesticides, ammonia, mold and all sorts of carcinogens. We encounter some of these toxic agents both at home and at work. As we live our daily lives, these substances can build up in our bodies and blood stream. They can begin to affect our health and in some cases, they can even cause hormonal imbalances or allergies.
If you’re finding yourself wondering why you entered a room, where your car keys are, or what you needed from the store more often than ever before, you may be tempted to chalk it up to a normal part of aging.
As you age, your heart function naturally diminishes. Emerging research suggests that this could be due to changes in mitochondrial function. Therefore, improving mitochondrial function may help to keep your heart stronger, even as you age.
Struggling with getting a good night’s sleep and don’t know how to fix your sleep schedule? Check out these helpful tips to correct your sleep schedule so you can reap the benefits of quality sleep!
Millions of Americans suffer with joint pain and most of them believe they have arthritis. But joint pain can be caused by numerous illnesses and conditions. Any type of chronic pain can take away from your quality of life and there are often no real cures. There are over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, essential oils and other treatments, but to date, no one has really discovered a cure.
Maintaining a healthy weight can be a struggle, but add an aging metabolism into the mix and it can seem like an impossible battle. Keep reading to learn about nine powerful weight-loss boosters to incorporate into your healthy diet.
For many adults, blood pressure is a big concern—especially as they age. Unfortunately, the body goes through some changes during the aging process that can naturally increase blood pressure. Paired with unhealthy lifestyle choices that also lend themselves to increased blood pressure, this can lead to some health complications.
Knee pain, no matter the cause, can really put the brakes on the active, healthy, and adventurous lifestyle you want as you age.

Unfortunately, joint discomfort can be caused by a number of factors: excess weight, injuries, free radical damage, and even aging itself.

As we age, the “wear and tear” on the joints in the knee adds up — causing the natural cushioning there to wear down and lead to bone-on-bone friction, which causes discomfort. If you’re overweight, this can accelerate the joint wear and tear.
Energy Levels Usually Go Low During the Day
It’s 2 p.m. and you’re yawning. All you want to do is take a snooze!
If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In our busy world, many of us observe our energy level dipping on a regular basis.
But, if your exhaustion is lifestyle-related, there are many ways you can use a coffee substitute to up your energy levels, without downing another cup of joe!

Among men over 40, trouble becoming erect is one of the most commonly reported sexual issues.[1]

Even in the absence of other health problems, physical and biochemical changes that occur as a result of aging may be partly—or even mostly—to blame for this problem.

One such issue is a decrease in nitric oxide production, a compound in your body that is key to promoting healthy blood flow. This biochemical issue can lead to a physical problem—lack of blood flow—which can contribute to an inability to perform in the bedroom.

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