9 Easy Ways to Improve Memory

Inside the mind
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When we’re young, we take our memory for granted. It’s so easy to recall everything from your past, even some things from childhood. But, the older we get, the harder it becomes to remember things. Maybe we get so much junk in our heads after so many years that it pushes out some of the other stuff. That’s how it can feel.

But our memory is important to our overall happiness. Our memories help to shape us. They become part of our internal biography. Who was your first love? First kiss? Most exciting vacation? Best or worst job? Our memory is in the center of all we are as human beings. Though we all have things we’d like to forget, our memories give us a centerpiece for our existence. So it can be very distressing when your memory begins to get rusty.

Maybe you can recall your first fishing trip but can’t remember what you ate yesterday. Age-related memory loss is common after age 50. You may be one of those people who is as sharp as ever regardless of age, but quite a few people do experience some memory loss as they age. In fact, memory loss is a number one concern for people as they get older. Even at 70 or 80, we need to remember how to get around in our neighborhood. We want to remember the names and faces of family, friends and neighbors.

Just as the muscles in your body need to be exercised in order to stay strong, your brain needs that as well. So let’s take a look at 9 things that can help improve our memory.

#1 – Games: Though this can be taken to the extreme or in the wrong direction, it’s actually very healthy to play word games, puzzles and games that challenge you to think harder. Crossword puzzles, Scrabble and Sudoku are great brain games.

#2 – Stay active: Get up off the couch and go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a marathon. Take several five minute walks each day. Remember to breathe while walking. Look around. Observe the world. What’s changed on your street?

# 3 – Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is about enjoying this present moment of your life. It’s about seeing yourself exactly as you are and loving yourself. Maybe you’ve gained weight but you’re still an amazing person. Maybe you aren’t working at your dream job but your life still has value.

#4 – Drink less alcohol: It’s easy to get in the habit of drinking a few glasses of wine or beer each day. But alcohol kills brain cells. Take a break every now and then and try going for a few weeks without drinking alcohol.

#5 – Eat less sugar: This will be difficult for some of us because it’s so easy to get in the habit of having three or four cups of coffee or tea with sugar each day. One 16 ounce soft drink contains 16 teaspoons of sugar so if you drink two a day, then you’re getting 32 ounces of sugar in just that alone—not to mention that delicious piece of chocolate pie you had for lunch. The sugar habit can be the hardest to break.

#6 – Get enough sleep: Nothing makes you feel worse than not sleeping well for a few nights in a row. And insomnia has become an epidemic in America. Try some all natural methods of getting a good night’s sleep and avoid sleeping pills if at all possible.

#7 – Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight can make us feel sluggish. We simply don’t have the energy to get up, get out and stay active.

#8 – Eat anti-inflammatory foods: These foods lower inflammation in the body. They reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, melon, squash, garlic, green leafy veggies. Those who eat healthy have a much lower risk of cognitive decline.

#9 – Cut down on refined carbs: Many studies have shown that diets high in refined carbs are associated with dementia. Avoid sweet desserts, cereal, cookies, white rice, pasta and white bread. They damage your memory.

Can Memory Supplements Help?

One thing that can really help is a high quality supplement that supports cognitive functions. With our lives so complicated these days, you may struggle to eat right and get enough exercise. But a good memory supplement can make a huge difference. It will give you the edge you need to keep your memory sharp. Try Youthful Memory today, guaranteed to work or your money back.