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5X More Effective Than CoQ10 & Beet Root Extract

The modern blood pressure breakthrough formula

  • Relax & Open Arteries for MORE BLOOD FLOW!
  • Increase Arterial Flexibility
  • Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response
  • Keep Your Arteries Smooth & Clear-Flowing

The Real Secret of Healthy Blood Pressure AND GREAT BLOOD FLOW

Increase Blood Flow in Four Key Ways

  1. Relaxes and opens arteries by naturally supporting vasodilation.
  2. Supports a healthy inflammatory response that relieves inflammation from the artery walls.
  3. Increases arterial flexibility that allows your arteries to respond to changes in blood flow demand.
  4. Keeps your arteries smooth and clear-flowing by protecting the delicate inner lining of arteries from dangerous free radicals.

Instead of Side Effects, You Get More Benefits

  • Helps Relieve Joint Discomfort, Swelling and Stiffness
  • Brings Blood Sugar into Healthy Balance
  • Helps Relieve Metabolic Syndrome and Supports Weight Loss
  • Provides Immune Support
  • Helps with Kidney Function
  • Boosts Memory and Focus
  • Supports Healthy Thyroid

ThymoGel™ Is The Most Powerful Form of ThymoQuin Available

ThymoGel™ is formulated with a proprietary blend of ThymoQuin.

  • FIVE times more potent than any other formula of it’s kind
  • The world’s first naturally standardized form of black cumin seed oil
  • Gives you consistent amounts of the key blood pressure-lowering phytonutrient, thymoquinone
  • This is the secret to its remarkable ability to help support healthy blood pressure


Q: What is so special about ThymoGel™?

A: ThymoGel™ contains the first cold-pressed black seed oil standardized to 3% thymoquinone, the active ingredient in black seed oil. ThymoGel™ lowers high-normal blood pressure by acting on four pathways in the body that cause increased blood pressure. ThymoGel™ helps widen blood vessels narrowed by age. It strengthens and promotes flexibility in arteries that become stiff and hard. It fights inflammation and it helps reduce free radicals that damage the delicate inner lining of the arteries.

Q: What about side effects and safety?

A: More than 50 clinical trials have demonstrated the health benefits and safety of ThymoGel’s active ingredient, thymoquinone, found in black seed oil. There are no undesirable side effects. Actually, you’ll probably find that your health improves from head to toe, because solving the root cause of high blood pressure also solves the root cause of many, many other health problems.

Q: How do I know ThymoGel™ will work for me?

A: In clinical research, ThymoGel’s black seed oil breakthrough worked for 74% of people studied, a remarkably high number of positive responders for any type of health study. But if ThymoGel™ doesn’t work for you, you’re covered by our no questions asked, Blood Pressure Exam Money-Back Guarantee. If you and your doctor aren’t delighted with your blood pressure (or for any reason at all), simply return the product for a full refund within 90 days. Your full purchase price will be promptly refunded (less shipping & handling). So you risk nothing and have so much to gain by giving this natural breakthrough a try.

Q: How is ThymoGel™ better than other black seed oil supplements?

A: ThymoGel’s revolutionary breakthrough is made from a patent-pending process of breeding and processing black seeds to yield the highest levels of thymoquinone. This proprietary process helps unlock more of thymoquinone’s unique nutrients that support healthy blood pressure. In fact, ThymoGel™ contains up to FIVE TIMES more thymoquinone than other black seed oil products—the highest potency available anywhere.

Q: How soon will I notice any benefits?

A: In clinical research, people taking the ThymoGel™ black seed oil breakthrough saw significant results in JUST 2 DAYS. In just 48 hours they saw an average 11-point reduction in systolic blood pressure and a 9-point reduction in diastolic blood pressure. As time went on, the improvements continued. After six weeks, for the 74% positive responders there was an average 23-point drop in systolic blood pressure and a 16-point drop in diastolic blood pressure. The average of all participants, including the non-responders, was a 16-point drop in systolic and an 11-point drop in diastolic blood pressure after six weeks.

Q: What if I’m already taking one or more blood pressure drugs?

A: First, congratulations on taking steps to control high blood pressure. It’s so important to your health. You can take ThymoGel™ along with your blood pressure medication—as some people did in the clinical trial. Please closely monitor your blood pressure to keep it in the healthy range. Ideally, ThymoGel™ can begin to balance your blood pressure and you may be able to reduce your blood pressure drugs, with your doctor’s help. Please never stop taking a prescribed blood pressure medication without working with your doctor and check your blood pressure regularly.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No other formula is more potent or effective than ThymoGel™. To Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure, Order Now

Your order is backed by one of the strongest guarantees in our industry. Return unused product within 60 days and we’ll refund the full product price. Period.

100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Made in the USA.

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