Turn up the Heat and Improve Your Sex Life

Men: Turn Up The Heat!

Among men over 40, trouble becoming erect is one of the most commonly reported sexual issues. [1] Even in the absence of other health problems, physical and biochemical changes that occur as a result of aging may be partly—or even mostly—to blame for this problem.

One such issue is a decrease in nitric oxide production, a compound in your body that is key to promoting healthy blood flow. This biochemical issue can lead to a physical problem—lack of blood flow—which can contribute to an inability to perform in the bedroom.

Luckily, there are several natural compounds that can help to boost your body’s nitric oxide production. When paired with a healthy lifestyle, these compounds may help you to regain your virility by promoting a healthy and strong blood flow. Juvenon’s BloodFlow-7 contains a scientifically-studied blend of these ingredients and is an easy, non-prescription way to help improve your sexual potency and regain your confidence in the bedroom.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How age affects male sexual performance, and the physical and biochemical changes that affect your ability to get and maintain an erection
  • Why blood flow is such an important issue when it comes to potency, and the role of nitric oxide in regulating and increasing blood flow
  • How the ingredients in Juvenon’s BloodFlow-7 can help you to regain your virility. 

How Can Age Affect Male Sexual Performance?

Inability to sustain an erection is an extremely common problem among aging men. There are a number of physical and biochemical changes that occur as a man ages that may make it more difficult to become erect. Conditions that affect the health of your blood vessels, like diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, may exacerbate these problems as well.

On that same note, while erectile dysfunction was once thought to be a standalone problem, it’s clear now that being unable to become erect is actually an indicator of some underlying problems—namely issues with circulation and blood flow. And surprisingly, this isn’t purely a physical issue—it starts with the body’s biochemistry and how it changes as you age. 

At the center of this is a chemical compound called nitric oxide, one of the key regulators of erectile function.

The Role of Nitric Oxide in Blood Flow

Nitric oxide is produced in your body from the amino acid arginine and the enzyme nitric oxide synthase. It’s a gas with a half-life of only one second, so it can dissipate quickly—and therefore must be constantly produced and circulating in order to perform its role efficiently. [2] Because of its short half-life, any dysfunctions in the nitric oxide pathway can affect your health and bodily functions.

Its role is to help manage the body’s endothelial function. The endothelium is the thin membrane lining all of your blood vessels and capillaries. It helps to regulate blood flow and blood pressure. When nitric oxide acts on the endothelium of your blood vessels, they relax, or “dilate”—improving circulation and allowing more blood to pump through the vessels, delivering more blood and oxygen to your various body tissues.

As you can now imagine, the role ofproper nitric oxide functioning in male sexual performance can’t be understated. Most people are aware of the importance of proper blood flow for an erection.

The penis is lined with smooth muscle, and whether it becomes erect or remains flaccid depends on how the smooth muscle responds to the biochemical cues discussed above.

Normally, in response to external triggers, nitric oxide will act on the blood vessels lining the smooth muscle of the penis, causing them to dilate and allowing increased blood flow—which causes the penis to become erect.

However, in the case of diminished nitric oxide production or some other dysfunction in the nitric oxide pathway, this can’t happen—which prevents you from being able to get an erection.

Unfortunately, aging can profoundly impact the nitric oxide pathway—inhibiting your body’s production of nitric oxide and potentially stunting its ability to act on the endothelium of your various blood vessels and capillaries. [3]

Luckily, there are several options that may help to boost your nitric oxide production naturally—before you feel the need to reach for prescription options or hormone therapies.

How BloodFlow-7 Can Help Aging Men

BloodFlow-7 contains a blend of several ingredients that may help to improve your blood flow by increasing your body’s ability to manufacture nitric oxide. Just one non-prescription pill daily—made with high-quality natural compounds and botanicals—can help you to recapture your male potency.


Citrulline is an amino acid that can be converted into arginine in the body, the amino acid precursor of nitric oxide. It’s used in many nitric oxide boosting supplements, including BloodFlow-7. 

One small study found that supplementing with oral L-citrulline helped increase erections in 50% of men, resulting in more sexual encounters and higher levels of satisfaction. [4]


As mentioned above, arginine is the primary amino acid precursor to nitric oxide. The enzyme nitric oxide synthase acts on arginine to convert it into nitric oxide. 

Your body can create arginine on its own, but it’s considered “conditionally essential”—meaning that you’ll need to supplement with arginine via food or supplements when your body is under stress (for example, when recovering from an injury or illness).

One large review of over 10 high-quality studies including 540 men with sexual potency issues found that arginine supplementation profoundly improved their ability to become erect—along with sexual satisfaction and ability to orgasm. [5]


Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced by your body, but you can also get it from foods and supplements. It serves as a precursor to nitric oxide synthase, the enzyme that converts arginine to nitric oxide.

One study noted that men who had trouble becoming erect also had low levels of glutathione, so supplementing with the antioxidant may potentially help with this condition. [6]

Beet root extract

Beets are rich in natural nitrates, which the body can convert to nitric oxide. Researchers have found that supplementing with beet root extract can help improve cardiovascular health and athletic performance for this very reason. [7,8]

Although there hasn’t been any direct research on the effect of beet root on male sexual performance, the theory is that—because beets may help increase nitric oxide—they can help improve male sexual potency through that mechanism and certainly can’t do any harm.

S7 Blend

BloodFlow-7 also features the S7 Blend—a combination of seven botanicals that help protect nitric oxide from attacks from unstable molecules called free radicals. Most other nitric oxide supplements, unfortunately, stop short of this critically important function—providing only compounds that promote nitric oxide production, rather than also including compounds that protect it from free radicals.

In addition, these botanicals in the S7 Blend have some other circulation-boosting benefits, such as improving endothelial health. The seven ingredients in the S7 Blend include:

  • Green coffee bean extract:can help boost nitric oxide production through a unique pathway, improving vascular dilation and blood flow [9]
  • Green tea leaf extract:may be cardioprotective and promote endothelial health, allowing the endothelium of the blood vessels to be more responsive to compounds like nitric oxide [10]
  • Turmeric root extract: contains the yellow-hued compound curcumin, which possesses strong free radical fighting benefits that can help to regulate nitric oxide production [11]
  • Tart cherry: rich in antioxidants, and may also help to boost nitric oxide production, reduce blood pressure, and improve athletic performance [12]
  • Blueberry:may have a powerful effect on endothelial function, reducing arterial stiffness, improving blood pressure levels, and promoting an increased rate of nitric oxide production [13]
  • Broccoli: like other cruciferous vegetables, contains sulforaphane which may improve endothelial health [14]
  • Kale: is a cruciferous vegetable that, like broccoli, also contains health-boosting sulforaphane [15]

This blend helps to potentiate the effects of the other powerful ingredients in BloodFlow-7 by preserving nitric oxide from being attacked and neutralized by free radical compounds. This helps nitric oxide to survive longer in the body. 

Remember, with a half life of just one second, nitric oxide dissipates quickly, and free radical attacks can even further degrade its function. Because of this, protecting against free radical attacks on your body’s nitric oxide is equally important as boosting your body’s nitric oxide production.


Resveratrol is a polyphenol—or plant chemical—found in certain plant foods (like grapes and dark chocolate) that can exert a host of positive effects on your body’s nitric oxide pathways. 

It uses three different biological mechanisms to increase circulating levels of nitric oxide in your body, and it can help to protect nitric oxide from being degraded by free radical attacks. [16]

These benefits make it a powerhouse addition to the BloodFlow-7 supplement, as it can pull double duty by both promoting nitric oxide production and reducing free radical scavenging of your existing nitric oxide supply.


Along with aging come a number of physical and biochemical changes that can make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. This, of course, can cause your sex life and your confidence to suffer.

One issue impeding your sexual potency may be impaired blood flow—after all, an erection occurs as a result of increased blood flow to your penis. Nitric oxide is a key determinant in your blood flow, and if you’re producing inadequate levels of nitric oxide, you may find yourself struggling sexually.

Luckily, however, there are some natural options that can help to maintain or boost your nitric oxide production. Juvenon’s BloodFlow-7 is one such product. It contains a number of compounds that can boost your body’s natural nitric oxide production, as well as protect nitric oxide from being destroyed or degraded by free radicals.

Although aging is inevitable, a decline in sexual performance certainly doesn’t have to be. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, taking BloodFlow-7 can help to maintain your virility—and your sex life—in the years to come.


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