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Alpha Gold Male™

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Alpha Gold Male™ Verified Benefits

Supports healthy T levels
Increases lean muscle mass and strength
Boosts energy levels and drive
Supports healthy weight management
Reduces stress via lower cortisol
Improves sleep quality
Enhances overall male vitality

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Alpha Gold Male™ is a certified vegetarian and Non-GMO product.

Alpha Gold Male™ is manufactured in the USA in a GMP Certified Facility.

Become the Guy Women Love and Men Envy In Just 90 Days

Although Alpha Gold Male™ gets to work right away to skyrocket vitality, the results keep getting better and better with consistent use.

We recommend taking Alpha Gold Male for a minimum of 90 days to see the same results that participants saw in clinical trials with KSM-66® and most of the others. We’ve matched the dose from the best studies to ensure maximum effectiveness.

53% Increase in Semen Volume

167% Improvement in Healthy Sperm Count

3.5% Decrease in Body Fat

Increase in Strength and Muscle Size (especially chest and biceps)

Healthy T Levels

* Results according to clinical/consumer studies.

Alpha Gold Male™: A Timeline of Benefits and Beyond

Experience the Progressive Benefits of Alpha Gold Male™: A Journey from Month 1 to Month 6

30 Days
3 Months
6 Months +
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After 1 Month

Users experienced:
  • Initial Boost in Energy & Drive
  • Improved Bladder Control
  • Increase In Muscle Strength
  • Feelings of Increased Vitality and Well-being
  • Improvement in Workout Performance

After 3 Months

Users experienced:
  • 17% Improvement In T-Levels
  • 53% Increase In Semen Volume
  • 3.5% Decrease in Body Fat
  • Increase in Muscle Strength & Size
  • Reduction in Nightly Bathroom Trips
  • Enhanced Bedroom Performance
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6 Months and Beyond

Users experienced:
  • Sustained Support for T Levels
  • Superior Bladder Control
  • Continued Muscle Growth & Fat Reduction
  • Dramatic Improvement in Mood, Confidence, and Energy Levels

Alpha Gold Male™ is for Men Who Demand Performance and Drive at Every Stage of Life

Alpha Gold Male™ is formulated for men who don’t let age get in the way of their performance in and out of the gym.

Chart showing health benefits of taking alpha gold male over time

The same guys who demand that they look and feel the best they possibly can for their age—with more energy, drive, and lean muscle.

The breakthrough formula contains four research-based ingredients in dosages which have been shown to address almost every important aspect of men’s health.

Get Back to Your Prime With the Leading Performance Supplement for Men

Gain strength and build muscle without intense training
Maintain healthy weight and lose the dad bod
Get lean and hard
Boost drive and ambition
Increase energy levels

Alpha Gold Male™ is Doctor-Approved

“I have lots of male patients who come to my office asking what they can take to help them look and feel like they did years ago, in the prime of their life. Alpha Gold Male™ can help most men do exactly that. It contains four of the most researched ingredients in men’s health which have been shown to increase overall male vitality quickly. It’s a safe and effective way to boost your drive, improve your performance, and even help you lean out at every stage of your life.“

Endorsed by Nationally Recognized Board-Certified Physician,

David Farnesi, M.D.


Performance Study on Alpha Gold Male™ Key Ingredient, KSM-66®

46 male patients with low sperm count consumed 675 milligrams of KSM-66® daily (the same dose in Alpha Gold Male™).

OUTCOME: At the end of the 90-day treatment, men receiving KSM-66® had a:

53% Increase in Semen Volume

Improvement in T levels

17% Improvement in T Levels

167% Improvement in Healthy Sperm Count


Body Composition Study on KSM-66®

57 male patients consumed 300 milligrams of KSM-66® twice daily.

OUTCOME: At the end of the 90-day treatment, men receiving KSM-66® had a:

3.5% Decrease in Body Fat

Dramatic Increase in Muscle Strength & Size (Chest and Biceps)

And Improved T Levels 530% Compared to the Placebo

Alpha Gold Male Ingredient Dosages Match Study Levels

Our approach with our formulas is straightforward: every ingredient is tested for safety, backed by effectiveness, and dosed based on proven clinical studies so you may experience some of the same benefits.

Fully Disclosed Formula Each Ingredient in its Clinically Effective Dose

No proprietary blends means you KNOW exactly what you get.


is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to men’s performance and vitality. It’s been tested in 24 clinical trials and among the most impressive results is for men’s health with improvements in body weight, muscle, and semen volume.


is vital if you care about waking up refreshed. It’s one of the most tried and true ingredients when it comes to bladder control and helping you sleep through the night.


shares similar benefits to KSM-66® by supporting key aspects of male vitality.


is a key mineral in men’s health. Its properties can help with recovery and make joints feel brand new. Plus, it elevates ambition, mood and drive by decreasing estrogen levels.

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Is Alpha Gold Male™ safe to take daily?
Alpha Gold Male™ is a supplement that boosts energy, drive, and lean muscle mass by naturally supporting T levels. It is not a prescription or off label therapy. It is safe to take daily.
How will Alpha Gold Male™ make me feel?
Research shows that ingredients like KSM-66® in its clinically effective dose can skyrocket your energy and drive by supporting healthy T levels. Men tend to report that they feel more confident, ambitious, and competitive. These are traits of the top achievers whether at work, in the gym, or even in relationships.
How long will it take to see results?
Some men notice benefits in the first few days or weeks usually when it comes to energy and drive. However, most of the studies on the ingredients in Alpha Gold Male™ were between 60-90 days.
What problems does it help solve?
Alpha Gold Male™ targets two key problems for aging men—declining T levels and poor bladder function. A landslide of evidence shows the two are interconnected, so our formula targets the underlying causes from multiple angles.
Do I need to cycle on and off Alpha Gold Male™?
No. Alpha Gold Male™ is not a drug. It’s a natural supplement.
Will Alpha Gold Male™ affect my energy levels or mood?
Absolutely. Studies have shown that supplementation with KSM-66® supports prostate health, so you may find yourself waking up fewer times a night and feeling more rested in the morning.
Is there a way to promote even faster, more impactful results?
For men who really want to see their performance improve, we recommend The Max Male Potency bundle, which combines BloodFlow-7® with Alpha Gold Male™.
Are there any studies?
What other products do you recommend taking with Alpha Gold Male™?

Great question! BloodFlow-7® will perfectly complement Alpha Gold Male™. BloodFlow-7® boosts nitric oxide to support healthy blood pressure and circulation, and paired with Alpha Gold Male™ helps maximize male vitality and performance.

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Alpha Gold Male
Alpha Gold Male
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pleasant surprise

Great product, does what it says it should and definitley has me feeling great.

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Really works

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Alpha Gold Male
Alpha Gold Male
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Alpha Gold male

I’m very happy with this product.

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Alpha Gold Male
Alpha Gold Male
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very good Juvenon production, I will buy more Alpna Gold Male in someday. also help me during execrise.

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Alpha Gold Male
Alpha Gold Male
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Alpha gold male

I love all two of them

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