Natural Cartilage Repair: The Next Big Thing in Joint Pain Relief

Natural Cartilage Repair: The Next Big Thing in Joint Pain Relief
In the United States, approximately 25% of adults have arthritis. That means one in four people has to deal with pain, inflammation and stiffness of joint problems every day. Arthritis is frustrating because it doesn’t allow people to enjoy their favorite activities, but recent scientific discoveries about natural cartilage repair may benefit millions of Americans.

The Connection Between Cartilage and Joint Pain

Healthy cartilage acts like a comfortable cushion that supports your joints and helps your bones move smoothly. That’s why teens can move so effortlessly in all directions.

With arthritis, a lifetime of friction, injuries or illnesses causes cartilage to deteriorate. When bones are left exposed, they grind against each other and cause significant pain and inflammation. Bone spurs that develop make things even worse.

The Problem With Repairing Cartilage

For decades, scientists claimed that damaged adult cartilage couldn't repair itself, heal, grow or regenerate. New discoveries show that this common belief was wrong, at least partially.

Now, scientists know that cartilage has a limited ability to heal. Unfortunately, the process takes an extremely long time without help. Even with current therapies, the amount of new cartilage formed is small.

Some research indicates that certain joints have a faster rate of regeneration. For example, ankle cartilage may grow more quickly than hip cartilage. This may explain why arthritis pain more often affects the knees and hips instead of the ankles.

Natural Options for Healthy Cartilage

Natural Cartilage Repair: The Next Big Thing in Joint Pain Relief

Many therapies for joint health focus on preventing cartilage deterioration. This can have beneficial results:

  • Stop cartilage damage before it gets worse
  • Enjoy long-lasting pain relief
  • Stay active with less joint stiffness
  • Alleviate chronic inflammation
  • Increase your body’s healing powers

A side benefit of natural cartilage repair therapies is that they’re also good for other parts of your body’s movement systems: muscles, tendons and ligaments. Some natural ingredients can help your body repair injuries more quickly, potentially speeding up recovery after knee sprains.

Antioxidant Protection

Foods that are rich in antioxidants can help keep your body functioning the way it should. One purpose of antioxidants is to prevent cell damage. This can slow down the wear and tear that leads to osteoarthritis.

Collagen Production

One of the most exciting developments in joint health revolves around an herb called epimedium, long used in Chinese herbal medicine. New research suggests that a healing substance from this herb, icariin, can be used in therapy to increase collagen production. Icariin treatment may cause new cartilage to grow.

That’s the scientific basis for the natural ingredients in NuvoFlex for joint health. Alongside amla fruit extract for blocking collagen damage, icariin is included to significantly increase collagen production and support cartilage regeneration.

Why is collagen important for your joints? It’s one of the main building blocks of healthy cartilage. When you don’t have enough, your body can’t repair joints effectively and cartilage damage increases. NuvoFlex is designed to have the oppositive effect, increasing the amount of nourishing collagen available for joints.

Relief From Pain and Inflammation

Many natural ingredients have exceptional inflammation-fighting properties, including Boswellia serrata, turmeric (curcumin), aloe vera, ginger and cat’s claw bark. Chronic inflammation can cause damage to cartilage and ligaments, so stopping it should be a top priority for joint health. When you block the signals that trigger inflammation, you also get benefits for pain relief.

Next-Gen Cartilage Repair Treatments

Science is constantly advancing in the field of joint health. Some state-of-the-art treatments are already available and others show promise for future pain relief.

Regenerative Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells have the power to become different types of tissue, including cartilage. In modern treatments, stem cells are injected into the joint to stimulate the body’s growth factors and promote natural inflammation relief. More research is needed to know if these cells can cause new cartilage to grow, however.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP treatment is designed to trigger and improve the body’s natural response to inflammation and injuries. Research shows that it’s effective for pain relief, but it’s also expensive ($1,000–$2,000 per treatment) and may not cause cartilage growth.

Cartilage Repair

Some scientists are investigating ways to repair damaged cartilage. Transplanting cartilage is one option. Other possibilities include combining stem cells with cartilage to “trick” the body into growing new cartilage at the injury or creating concentrated stem cell solutions that increase cartilage growth significantly.

Potential Benefits of Cartilage Repair Compared to Traditional Arthritis Treatments

One of the reasons scientists are excited about the idea of cartilage regeneration is that it could revolutionize patient care. Instead of focusing on blocking pain symptoms, these therapies would resolve the main problem: cartilage loss.

These days, many commonly used treatments for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have significant side effects. Strong prescription medications such as corticosteroids help with inflammation or pain but can also lead to osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure. Other medications can hurt your liver and increase your risk of infections.

Joint surgeries have limitations as well. Patients often have to undergo lengthy recovery in the hospital. Knee implants currently only last 15 to 25 years. If it were possible to stimulate the body to repair cartilage, instead of invasive and risky hip replacements, the body’s own healing mechanisms could repair joint tissue from within.

The Limits of Current Science

With new scientific discoveries, it’s important to have a balanced view of treatments. On one hand, you shouldn’t believe “miracle” claims that promise to cure osteoarthritis immediately, for example.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t completely ignore potentially effective treatments either. Cartilage regeneration treatments may provide relief from pain, greater mobility or other improvements in symptoms.

Tips for Avoiding Joint Pain

Future treatments may unlock the potential of cartilage repair completely. In the meantime, follow these tips and take great care of your joints:

  • Get plenty of antioxidants to protect your joints
  • Increase collagen levels
  • Stay active
  • Put weight on your joints and move them regularly
  • Go for a walk
  • Exercise in a heated swimming pool

Find out if our Nuvoflex may work for you. You know your body better than anyone. Cartilage repair may be exactly what you've been looking for.



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