Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

For mothers dealing with symptoms of menopause, it can be very challenging to find time for self-care. Between juggling family responsibilities, managing a household, and working, it can feel downright impossible to secure a little “me time.” In this article, we’ll talk about simple ways mothers can give back to themselves and ease their menopause symptoms. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to start indulging in a little quality self-care.

What is Self-Care?

In the most basic of terms, self-care is the practice of looking out for your own well-being, both physically and mentally. Self-care can be a simple activity, like reading a book or even journaling for a few minutes a day.

The goal of self-care is for the activity to be solely about you. Healing yourself, indulging in something enjoyable for yourself, taking time out foryou.  

For moms, practicing self-care can sometimes be easier said than done. One study shows that moms only get around 30 minutes of “me time” per day. Add menopause into the mix, and it’s easy to understand how some mothers may struggle to find time for self-care.

Benefits of Self-Care in Menopause

Although it can be challenging, practicing self-care in menopause can bring about significant benefits for mothers.  

With the right self-care practices, moms in menopause can find ways to alleviate their most troubling symptoms, from fatigue and hot flashes to mood swings and stress.  

While every mother in menopause is different, some key tips can help the majority of women find the comfort and relief they need from menopause symptoms. Let’s explore easy ways moms in menopause can start practicing self-care.

7 Easy Tips For Menopause Self-Care 

1) Take a Walk

A little exercise can go a long way for moms in menopause. It’s been long-established that exercise can boost mood, improve brain fog, and relieve stress while supporting a healthy lifestyle. But you don’t have to sweat it out for hours to get those positive benefits. A simple walk can do the trick.

One study showed that an easy to moderate pace walk for under 30 minutes per day helps women in menopause feel more positive, less stressed, and even improves their overall quality of life.  

It’s remarkable that something so simple can help you feel so great!

So next time you’re feeling bogged down by your menopause symptoms, lace up a pair of walking shoes and take to the trails. 

2) Download a Yoga App

Yoga is one of the oldest wellness practices in the history of mankind. Originating in India over 5,000 years ago, yoga is now practiced in various cultures worldwide. It purports a wide range of benefits, from healthier joints and muscles to improved respiratory health, elevated mood, and beyond.

It can be difficult for busy mothers in menopause to attend regular yoga classes weekly. One easy way to incorporate yoga into your routine is through a yoga app.

There are tons of yoga apps available right on your phone. Most apps allow you to choose a setting, whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced. Plus, most apps let you customize the class according to your wants and needs. Whether you’re looking for a morning vinyasa flow to energize you for the day ahead or a relaxing bedtime flow to ease you into restful sleep — there’s a class for you.

Check out the yoga apps on your device and start using yoga for self-care.

3) Tune into Your Favorite Show

Self-care doesn’t have to mean getting active; in fact, it could be just the opposite. If you’re like many moms in menopause, sometimes the only things that help you feel relaxed are a glass of wine, a comfy spot on the couch, and your favorite TV show.  

While many studies show a negative impact of watching TV, new research says it can be a great way to boost mood and reduce stress, especially during difficult times.

In an article published by the Association of Psychological Science, leading researchers advocated for watching TV during the Covid lockdowns, citing it as an excellent way for people to feel more positive during uncertain times. Watching shows is a form of escapism, which, in moderation, can be healthy for the brain and even the body.  

If you’re not a big fan of watching TV, other forms of entertainment, such as podcasts and radio, can be just as effective in lifting your mood.

In terms of self-care, taking time to enjoy something as simple as a TV show or podcast shouldn’t be overlooked. If it makes you feel good, and you’re careful not to overdo it, indulging in your favorite show can be great for your overall well-being.

4) Take a Cooking Class

Cooking for your family can feel like a chore. But cooking for yourself in a class led by an acclaimed chef, well, that can be a lot of fun and a great way to practice self-care.

Instead of dealing with picky eaters, rushed dinner times, and a messy kitchen to clean up afterward, moms in menopause can enjoy a fun and educational cooking class.

Led by trained chefs with diverse flavor palates, cooking classes can be a great outlet for menopause stress. Research shows that cooking may mitigate blue moods and rage — two things moms in menopause know all too well.  Plus, learning new things helps your brain stay sharp and chase away that pesky brain fog.

Here’s another positive of cooking classes — if you can’t get away from the house to go to one, there are plenty of online cooking classes, too! The only downside is that you’ll still have to wash those dishes.

5) Indulge in a Spa Day at Home

A spa day sounds like a dream for most moms in menopause. Spending hours to yourself getting pampered head to toe, without worrying about your kids, spouse, or work is the ultimate escape. Who’s going to be stressed while getting a Gua Sha facial?

But let’s be real — those spa days come at a hefty price — both in time and money! If you don’t have the schedule or budget for a spa getaway, you may still be able to enjoy a spa day at home.

The first step is to get everyone out of the house! If you can manage one hour alone — awesome. If you can get even more, you’re living the dream. Now, if you can’t possibly get everyone out of the house, try to set a “me time” timer for the family. While the “me-time” timer’s ticking, no one is allowed to ask mom for anything — true emergencies only!

The second step is to run a hot bath or shower and simply relax. Then, think about that self-care beauty thing you’ve been putting off. Been wanting to try a new body scrub or face mask? Maybe you haven’t had a second to shave your legs in weeks! Now’s the time to give it a go, Mom. You deserve it.

What’s that you hear? Teenagers arguing over the phone charger? Husband can’t find his socks? Just turn up the volume on your zen music and tune them out for just a little longer.  

Mama needs her space!

6) Go for a Swim

Let’s address one of the most prevalent and distressing menopause symptoms — hot flashes. Many women say a hot flash is so unbearable that it feels like they stepped into a sauna while wearing a snowsuit!

It’s normal to see a woman in menopause dumping a bottle of water over her head while going through a hot flash. The agony is real, and we feel your pain.

Which is why we recommend taking a swim as a form of menopause self-care!

A dip in a cool, relaxing pool is just what the doctor ordered for moms in menopause.  Those hot flashes won’t stand a chance!  

Swimming sounds like an obvious solution to hot flashes, and there’s science backing it up. In a study of women in menopause who swam to relieve hot flashes, over 90% of study participants commented on the physical relief, while over 85% said swimming helped their mental health as well.

If you’re a menopausal mom and you’ve got access to a pool, you need to incorporate swimming into your self-care routine. Even if you don’t have access to a pool, a cold shower or bath could also do the trick.

7) Set Alone Time Boundaries 

Menopause moms love their families, but caring for them 24/7 can really make you crave some alone time. Many reports show that moms rarely get an hour to themselves a day, so it’s important to take back your time when you can.

One article made it very blunt what moms really want for Mother’s Day: time alone so they can enjoy peace and quiet from their family responsibilities! 

This means that for the ultimate form of self-care, menopause moms need one thing, and one thing only: alone time. Time to do absolutely whatever she wants, by herself and for herself. 

No kids or spouses barging in on them while they’re in the bath or taking a nap. No one needing them to fix lunch or run them to soccer practice. No texts and phone calls begging forSuper Mom to come to the rescue.

For moms, it’s a lot to carry the weight of menopause symptoms along with caring for your family. So alone time isn’t just wanted — it’s required!

So, find your alone time, however you can. And if you’re like many moms who feel guilty for wanting to get some alone time from your family, don’t put those expectations on yourself. Your physical and mental health depend on it. Plus, your family will appreciate a happier, healthier mommy — you will, too!

One More Tip for Menopause Self-Care

One topic we haven’t covered yet in menopause self-care is supplements. Menopause supplements can help women alleviate many nagging symptoms. While they won’t cause menopause to go away, they can certainly help menopause be more comfortable, and doable. Which is sometimes all a woman needs.

A great Mother’s Day gift to yourself if you’re a menopausal mom is the Balanced Hormone System by Juvenon. Featuring two science-backed women’s health supplements, SeroLastin® and MetaboBoost, the Balanced Hormone System is designed to help women win back their joy while in menopause.

You can expect the Balanced Hormone System to deliver many health-boosting benefits, such as:

  • Reduced belly fat
  • Less stress
  • Curbed cravings
  • Higher energy levels 
  • Reduced cortisol 
  • Better metabolism
  • More balanced mood

Click here to learn more about the Balance Hormone System and how it helps women from all walks of life better manage their menopause symptoms.


Menopause is no cake walk, especially for mothers. It can be difficult to carve out time for self-care, but the key is to think small. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, money, or effort to indulge in self-care. Sometimes all you need to do is commit to practicing it.

When you need a boost in your self-care routine, the Balance Hormone System by Juvenon can help you manage your menopause symptoms. The formulas are science-backed and clinically recommended for women who want to feel more like themselves during this huge health shift.

Remember — for mothers in menopause, self-care shouldn’t take a backseat in your life  By prioritizing self-care, mothers can start to feel better, happier, and healthier every day. 


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