5 Ways to Strengthen Your Heart

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Heart

If you want to live a long life, then heart health is imperative. Our heart beats constantly, every second of every day and yet we rarely ever give it a thought. It might surprise you to know that our heart beats approximately 80 times per minute which equals about 4,800 times per hour or 115,200 times per day. And yet we hardly ever do anything special for heart health.

Another startling fact is that about half of all Americans will have some type of issue with their heart at some point during their lifetime. Heart disease is responsible for about one-third of all deaths in America. And that number has continually risen over the past fifty years. It’s probably apparent why this is.

Americans are moving away from more active lifestyles. During the pandemic, people spent months in the house not doing much. While this helped the country overcome the deadly coronavirus, it also led to many of us getting overweight and out of shape. 

Below are a few tips for getting your heart and your whole body healthy and back in shape.

1. Stay hydrated

We hear this one all the time and yet most Americans walk around dehydrated much of the time. Drinking lots of water has numerous benefits, so stay hydrated.. As we drink water, it keeps all the systems working properly and helps to eliminate toxins that can build up from simple environmental exposure.

2. Enjoy Activities

If going to the gym seems boring, how about going camping? Pack some food and beverages, a sleeping bag and head out to a local park for a few nights under the stars. Take up kite flying, bicycle riding or skateboarding. There are a whole list of really fun activities that you can enjoy with friends and family. You’ll get in better physical shape and make some new friends.

3. Snack healthy

Snacks can be our downfall but what if you keep fresh blueberries or strawberries in the fridge? All it needs is a little planning. You can easily keep plastic bags full of cantaloupe or watermelon pieces. Try dried figs or apricots. Always have nuts around. Almonds, pecans and pistachios are so good for you. If you keep healthy snacks around and available, you’ll notice that your family reaches out for them more than you expected.

4. Develop better habits

Do you get in the habit of coming in from work, eating, then falling down in front of the TV where you spend the entire evening? This is happening more and more but it’s an easy fix. Change things up . After dinner, take a walk. Go outdoors. Invite the neighbors over for a barbecue or get them to join you on your walk. The trick is to break the bad habits, replace them with healthy habits that will get you out in the sunlight and get your body moving around more.

5. Get more sleep

Insomnia has become a serious problem in America with at least three million people reporting sleep problems. Insomnia is a sleep disorder caused by stress, anxiety, depression, physical problems and many other issues. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel grumpy and irritable. Your brain doesn’t work as well. You feel sluggish throughout the day. Each person needs at least seven hours of good sound sleep each night. Though sleep drugs can help, they should only be used in extreme cases. Instead, try some of the all-natural cures like melatonin, valerian root or chamomile. There are several others that are natural and have no harmful side effects.

Monitor Your Heart Health

Create some healthy goals for your life and stick with them. See your doctor each year for a regular checkup. Be mindful of ways that you can reduce stress. For instance, you might try meditating. This only takes a few minutes out of your day and countless folks find that it helps them calm down and stay centered. There are lots of other ways to keep your heart healthy throughout your life. We’ve only gone over a few here but you’ll discover many others as you move forward into a healthier future.

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With strong circulation, you’ll see a difference in many areas, not just your heart. Your skin, hair and nails will be more vibrant. Your blood pressure will normalize and you’ll notice that you sleep better and even have better sex. Nitric oxide is the key to strong circulation and Bloodflow-7 boosts N-O more than any all natural product available on the market today.

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