5 Tips for Leading a Happy Life as You Get Older

The population of America is aging. And with these changes to the body come some challenges. As we grow older, we may begin to gain weight or stop being active. Often, people report feeling tired and sluggish. Some of this could be due to the fact that we aren’t getting outdoors like we used to before.

Our bodies are unique and amazing. The way they operate and function when it comes to food, sleep, exercise or work is remarkable. Our central nervous system and all the other systems of the body and brain work together without much oversight or attention. These functions work automatically and we aren’t even aware of it most of the time.

The Buildup of Toxins
As we start increasing our medications and reducing the activities that involve sweating we can often build up toxins in the body. Since our body is such a miraculous machine, it contains the necessary functions to deal with toxins. The liver, kidneys, digestive system, and skin all play a role in removing toxins from our body.

Your Body’s Ability to Deal with Toxins
When your body is healthy and working properly, it will naturally eliminate these toxins. The problem comes when we begin to talk about the average lifestyle of most Americans.

For instance,

  • How often do you take a walk?
  • How much exercise do you get in a week?
  • How about your diet? Are you eating fresh fruits and vegetables each day?

For many Americans, it is beneficial to use some type of detoxing agent to rid the body of these harmful substances because we don’t all exercise enough. Our diet contains too much sugar, carbs and harmful fats. Of course, it’s great to enjoy a pizza and beer with friends and family but often we don’t realize that we’re eating too many juicy cheeseburgers, greasy barbecue and ice cream.

Research from the CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published important research in 2009 that detected 212 chemicals in the blood or urine. The study was done with a large test sample of 2,400 Americans of different ages.
Surprisingly, there are an estimated 80,000 industrial chemicals in use today, but the Environmental Protection Agency barely monitors a fraction of that. The hazardous effects are startling resulting in a variety of physical and cognitive deficiencies.

Below are 5 Amazing Ways to stay happy and healthy as you age.

  1. Look for local activities where you can meet new people. Your city may have local community centers or social groups that offer game nights where they play board games, card games or dominoes. Hanging out with others your age is fun, relaxing and it helps your mood stay positive.
  2. Volunteer in your community. You can volunteer at a local children’s hospital. Doing something as simple as reading stories to sick children is so beneficial. It’s a blessing to the kids but you are also rewarded in many ways.
  3. Get together with friends and family. As we age, we tend to stay home quite a bit and eventually see less of our friends and family. Make a habit of getting together with people each week to exchange ideas and stay mentally alert.
  4. Take up a hobby. Artistic expression is a great way to relax and refocus your mind. Take up painting, sculpting, pottery classes or learn to play a musical instrument. Learning new things is fun, makes us feel younger and keeps our mind challenged and sharp.
  5. Work part time. Staying busy is a good way to keep feeling like you’re contributing. There are so many work-from-home opportunities these days. You can earn a little extra cash and keep your mind occupied. Older people have so many life experiences. It’s a shame not to share that. This also tends to improve feelings of self-worth.

Stay Connected to the World
The number one thing that older people tend to do is to isolate themselves. Staying close to your family, friends and community will keep you feeling more positive about life. Most physicians agree that it’s best for older people to stay in contact with their families. Those connections are good for body, soul and spirit. 

Lastly, go in for regular physical check ups each year. Stay on top of medications to ensure you’re taking the right drugs and the correct dosage. Tell those around you how you are feeling. It’s not uncommon for older people to feel depressed. Talk to your friends and family and make it a habit to go out to lunch each week with a loved one.

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