The Brain Power of Meditation

meditationIf you think meditation is a silly health trend, you might want to consider the following findings recently published in the Berkeley Wellness Newsletter.

According to a preliminary study in Frontiers in Psychology, meditation may have brain-protective effects. The study compared compared long-time meditators and non-meditators. Both groups showed age-related atrophy in gray matter on MRI brain scans, but the loss was less pronounced in the meditators; moreover, the atrophy was seen more extensively throughout the brains of non-meditators. The brain’s gray matter is involved in the processing of sensory infor­mation, such as in memory, decision-mak­ing, and emotions. On the other hand, meditators, who show high degrees of discipline and commitment, may simply have healthier habits overall, which can have positive effects on the brain.

In an upcoming Juvenon Healthy Tips, we’ll be looking at other meditation health benefits and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.