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The French Secret to Decadent, Yet Healthy Living  

...Resveratrol Longevity Formula

ResveratrolThe French are known for their vibrant health and longevity. But they are also known for their love of decadent, rich foods and luscious wine. Deep, dark red wine that is rich in nature's miracle longevity compound called Resveratrol.

And Juvenon offers a potent and effective form of this natural powerhouse in Resveratrol Longevity Formulato support your:

    • Healthy heart and blood pressure
    • Brain and cognition for a clear and confident mind
    • Arteries for strong circulation that reaches to the tiniest capillaries
    • Mitochondria for unsurpassed all-day energy

...and much much more!


How Morley Safer Convinced Americans
to Drink More Wine

Morley Safer

In 1991, the classic 60 Minutes episode aired with reporter Morley Safer questioning why the French, with their decadent diets of cheese, buttery pastries and rich pates, seemed to have a relatively lower level of heart disease than Americans.

The episode opened with Safer sitting in a bistro in Lyon, reading off decadent menu items such as black pudding, pig's head pate' and other fatty and butter laden delicacies.

One possible answer lay in something else on Morley's table: a glass of ruby red Bordeaux.  

Also known as the French Paradox, the theory is that the amount of red wine that is also a major part of the French way of life could be a contributor. And that the red wine acts as an arterial cleanser sweeping fatty deposits out of the arteries, eliminating them from the body.

Interestingly, the demand for red wine in the US spiked after the report aired, and the story was credited for popularizing the idea that a daily glass of red wine could be good for your health.

How Can Red Wine Be So Good For You?

Because, you see, along with blueberries, cranberries and bilberries, the skin and seeds of red grapes contain a compound called resveratrol. Resveratrol is one of the most studied compounds for its incredible anti-aging and longevity properties.

And anti-aging experts are encouraged by the promising study results regarding resveratrol. This plant-derived compound may actually help us live longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives!

Here's how it works...

Resveratrol activates metabolic pathways (including a key regulatory enzyme, AMPK and possibly a longevity gene, called SIRT1) to improve cell survival, blood sugar metabolism, and insulin regulation.

According to Juvenon research and other studies, resveratrol helps support cardiovascular health, power up natural immune defenses, improve insulin sensitivity, and increase the number and efficiency of energy producing mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the tiny power generators inside your cells that burn fat and carbohydrates and produce 95% of your body’s energy.

The health of your mitochondria determine how young, healthy and strong you'll be — or how fast you'll age and suffer old age ailments.

And Resveratrol Longevity Formulafeatures a powerful new way to restore your mitochondria and alter the aging code as we know it.

...all to help you feel younger and healthier for years longer.


But All Resveratrol Is Not Created Equal

Why Juvenon's Resveratrol Longevity Formula Is Better

Juvenon offers a potent and effective form of this natural powerhouse in Resveratrol Longevity Formula:

  • SUPERIOR SOURCE —Extracted from the root of the Japanese knotweed, this highly concentrated source of resveratrol is micronized (rendered extremely fine) to produce a more readily absorbable form. Studies show that these extracts from this particular source can promote healthy aging by activating the "longevity gene."
  • PERFECT MIX — Resveratrol Longevity Formulacombines the active form of trans-resveratrol with other key plant components that are known to boost resveratrol's overall effects.
  • TESTING YOU CAN TRUST —Like all Juvenon products, Resveratrol Longevity Formula is tested and certified by a reputable independent laboratory for potency and purity.

Juvenon™ Science is Solid

Juvenon research and that of other scientists has shown that an important factor in aging is decay of the mitochondria, which are essential to the production of chemical energy in your body’s cells.

With Resveratrol Longevity Formula, you’ll help restore and revive your cells’ power generators (the mitochondria).

ResveratrolThis will give the 70 trillion cells in your body the energy surge they need to detox, self-repair and rebuild themselves.  

The result? Support for...

      • Unstoppable energy
      • Razor sharp working memory
      • Strong healthy heart
      • Healthy blood pressure, circulation and arteries
      • Less pain and discomfort
      • Better sleep
      • Calmer moods
      • And steady, constant youthful vitality

What The Press Is Reporting About Juvenon

TIME Magazine - “In a breakthrough discovery, scientists report finding the key to keeping cells young.”

The New York Times - “Many older people can feel years younger than they really are...”

BBC NEWS  - “The big step forward is that Juvenon has found a way of getting antioxidants into the mitochondria itself.”

CNN  - “Juvenon Tackles a Universal Aging Problem.”

Now, you might be wondering...

                                      How do I get to try out                                              Resveratrol Longevity Formula for myself?

Resveratrol Longevity Formula  was originally priced at $149.00 per bottle, which is a 30 day supply. And $149.00 is a bargain compared to the hundreds of dollars per month for other inferior products that don't help you look and feel younger.

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    • Boost your metabolism so you can burn more fat and look and feel younger!

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100% Satisfaction GuaranteedJuvenon's 7 Point Pledge to You:

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Guarantee #1: You MUST notice a dramatic improvement in your level of energy and stamina.

Guarantee #2: You MUST feel stronger, more confident with a clearer mind and more positive outlook.

Guarantee #3: You won’t experience nasty side effects such as an upset stomach or gastrointestinal distress…

Guarantee #4: Resveratrol Longevity Formula is manufactured in the USA in a highly controlled, FDA registered facility that is certified by The National Nutritional Food Association.

Guarantee #5: Resveratrol Longevity Formula is based on the best science available becauseJuvenon, the company behind Resveratrol Longevity Formula, is founded by world-famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners.

Guarantee #6: Resveratrol Longevity Formula's twice-a-day, easy-to-swallow formula includes the same premium extracts – at the same precise dosages – proven in the clinical studies.

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I am ready to age gracefully

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I’ve shown you how the French are known for their vibrant health and longevity despite their love of decadent, rich foods and luscious wine.

And how Resveratrol activates a longevity gene to improve cell survival, blood sugar metabolism, and insulin regulation.

And the highest quality resveratrol on the planet is in this one breakthrough formula, called Resveratrol Longevity Formula. So you can give the 70 trillion cells in your body the energy they need to detox, self-repair and rebuild themselves quickly, easily and safely.

Now the decision is completely in your hands

As I see it, you have 2 options:

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