Maverick CEO, Nathan Hamilton, Creates Biotech Breakthrough with Juvenon

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Hamilton’s Juvenon has Strong Alliances with
Consumer Brands Shiseido and Weil Lifestyle

Incline Village, NV, December 6, 2007 – After selling his first biotech company at age 32, a coup that netted investors a 100 times return and earned him 50 years of base salary, Nathan Hamilton could have rested on his laurels like other dotcommers his age. But the Berkeley-trained physicist and Harvard MBA says he had no desire to be a “one-trick” pony.

Onward to more success, Hamilton has built strong business partnerships with people and companies like renowned Berkley scientist, Dr. Bruce Ames, Japanese beauty manufacturing giant Shiseido and Andrew Weil’s company Weil Lifestyle.

“Hamilton is open to change, willing to take risks and results-oriented. This is the essence of entrepreneurial excellence.” Larry Tree, CEO/cofounder of Weil Lifestyle, LLC.

“People thought I was lucky, but I didn’t want to be lucky, I wanted to be good,” said Hamilton. “I wanted to differentiate myself from dotcommers by creating a successful track record of buying, growing and selling companies.”

“Building companies is about creativity, imagining and making products that people value and businesses that work. It’s more important to me to make the money the old-fashioned way than to just get the money and cash out.”

Today, at 39, Hamilton has already created a successful track record that would be the envy of CEOs twice his age. In 2002, be became the CEO of Archangel Bioventures, LLC (ABV), which  invests in early stage and restructuring opportunities in the healthcare and biotechnology field.  He’s also consultant to several biotechnology and medical device companies. In addition, he’s bought or started one company a year on average since 2002.

Case in point is Juvenon, one of six companies Hamilton co-founded as part of ABV. Hamilton was reading the University of California Technology Transfer web site and came across some interesting technology that claimed to turn old rats into young rats. When he learned the inventor was Dr. Bruce Ames, a scientist on the board of one of Hamilton’s companies, he was delighted.

Dr. Ames, a U.S. National Media of Science award-winning researcher, leads the world in the fields of mutagenesis and genetic research in cellular science over the past 50 years. His work has impacted basic and applied research on mutation, cancer and aging.

Hamilton and Dr. Ames co-founded Juvenon, a consumer/neutraceutical company based on Dr. Ames research.  Hamilton used his entrepreneurial and marketing expertise to position Juvenon as the next new health supplement. Juvenon was featured on the cover of Reader’s Digest as “The New Pill That Can End Aging” and named an essential part of a daily nutrition program by a Newsweek nutrition guru. “After the Reader’s Digest story came out, we sold out our entire inventory and had the cash flow we needed to make Juvenon a sustainable business,” says Hamilton.

Juvenon has also attracted the attention of scientists world-wide, including Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. 

Larry Tree, CEO and cofounder of Dr. Weil’s Juvenon brand, credits Hamilton for a results-oriented business approach that includes taking smart risks and being open to change. “This is the essence of entrepreneurial excellence,” says Larry.

Following the launch of Juvenon, Hamilton looked for new ways to apply Juvenon science to new health products. Vigorate, an easy-to-consume pet treat based on Juvenon science, was created and introduced in May 2007. Dog owners reported their aging pets had renewed energy and stamina after taking Juvenon. A recent clinical trial by a leading Canadian research institute shows the main ingredients in Vigorate helps older dogs learn new skills faster and make fewer mistakes. Taken over a long-term basis, Vigorate may also decrease age-associated cognitive decline. Hamilton says because the physiology of human and dog brains are very similar, Juvenon clinical trials on humans will likely show the health supplements increases cognitive function in people as well. 

Hamilton has also been instrumental in bringing Juvenon science to the beauty market. Shiseido, the Japanese beauty manufacturing giant, recently chose Juvenon over all other health supplements for use in its new anti-aging skin care line, Supplex. The tablet was introduced a year ago and is now being sold in 3,000 Shiseido stores in Japan.  “Beauty is less of a major health concern, but an enormously important consumer area,” says Hamilton. “An advantage of product development in the beauty area is that our customers are reporting improved skin and hair, and we can tap into the beauty market without spending a decade in clinical trials.”

After graduating from Berkeley in 1990 with a degree in physics, Hamilton realized that the 20th century was the century of physics, but that the 21st century would be the century of biology and health technologies. So he got involved in biotech as a scientist.

After earning his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1999, Hamilton joined the biotech firm Operon as President. Over the next two years he built the business into the number one synthetic DNA provider in the world and grew sales at a rate of 100 percent per year.

Hamilton and his wife Courtney, also a Harvard MBA, live in Incline Village, Nev., with their two young daughters. Hamilton enjoys spending time in the mountains with family and friends and learning about new technologies. In addition, he is the inventor on numerous patents.


Juvenon, a cellular health supplement, has been successfully re-energizing people with its collection of age essential micronutrients since 2003. Juvenon, created by renowned Berkley scientist Dr. Bruce Ames, has now expanded its product line to improve your dog’s health as well. The family of products by Juvenon will increase your energy and vitality.

Contact: Tracy Owen Chapman
Weidinger Public Relations