How Lipoic Acid Turns Back Your Biological Clock

biological clockOur research colleagues at the Linus Pauling Institute have discovered yet another benefit of Juvenon’s key ingredient, lipoic acid. It seems that this mighty micronutrient resets and synchronizes circadian rhythms, or the biological clock found in most life forms.

The LPI biochemists deduced that lipoic acid’s ability to restore a more normal circadian rhythm to aging animals explains its value in important functions. Lipoic acid has been found to benefit stress resistance, cardiac function, glucose metabolism … and ultimately slow the aging process.

This “clock” affects the daily ebb and flow of critical biological processes. According to LPI researchers, when circadian rhythms are out of whack, you are more vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and more.

Researchers fed lab animals lipoic acid, while monitoring proteins known to be changed by disruption of the circadian clock in older animals. They found that lipoic acid helped remediate some of the liver dysfunctions that are common in old age, and significantly improved the function of their circadian rhythms.