Essential Multi Vitamin

The Vitamin With a Difference!

Combining optimal doses of 27 vitamins and minerals, this essential multi vitamin supplement was developed to maintain a healthy nutrient balance. Juvenon’s Essential Multi Vitamin Supplement bridges common gaps in diet, which not only accelerate aging, but are also a risk factor for chronic diseases.

The formula supports the immune system, prostate function, bone formation and strength, heart and artery health, mitochondrial health, lung function, eye health and blood sugar metabolism, as well as reducing inflammation.* It has also been scientifically developed for easier absorption.
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Essential Multi Vitamin Label
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  1. Vitamin A — Promotes better vision, especially in lower light. Helps form and maintain healthy skin and hair.
  2. B Complex Vitamins —  Important for converting glucose to energy, making red blood cells, controlling blood sugar, maintaining healthy skin, and regulating homocysteine levels to support heart and cardiovascular health.
  3. Vitamin C — Essential to forming bones and teeth. Works with Vitamin E to maintain cardiovascular health. Supports the immune system. Provides protection from free radical damage.
  4. Vitamin D3  — The active form of Vitamin D. Regulates levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body and is essential for calcium absorption. Helps promote bone growth and maintain bone density.
  5. Vitamin E — According to recent studies, contributes to maintaining mental function and memory as well as supporting healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  6. Vitamin K — Too often missing from competitors’ multi vitamins, Vitamin K supports vascular health, helps build bone, and heals fractures and slow bone loss.
  7. Essential Calcium —  Strengthening bones and teeth is just one reason calcium is essential. Calcium also aids muscle contraction, helps regulate heartbeat, and metabolizes iron.
  8. Mineral Chromium —  Increases insulin sensitivity, essential to metabolizing glucose.
  9. Mineral Manganese —  Activates enzymes for glucose and fat metabolism. Helps build bone strength and maintain skin health.
  10. Mineral Selenium  Protects against unhealthy cellular activity and boosts the immune system.
  11. Minerals Zinc and Copper —  Essential to DNA and RNA synthesis, zinc also supports immune function and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from food. Because it can interfere with copper absorption, these minerals need to be balanced to preserve copper’s role in absorbing and utilizing iron.

Safeguard your health
This multivitamin bridges common gaps in diet, which not only accelerate aging, but are also a risk factor for chronic diseases …

  • 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Supports immune system, heart & bones
  • Maintains eye and brain health
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