Eating Right & Exercising While at Home

A senior couple indoors at home, doing exercise in living room.
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Most of us have been home for a few weeks now and we’re growing tired of the mundane routine. Without jobs to go to each day, life can get a bit tedious. What to do with all that time! As humans, we really do need goals and objectives in our lives. We need to have reasons to get out of bed each morning. Of course, you could take up a new hobby, such as painting or other crafts. Hobbies like this can pass some time.

For many people, once the isolation period is over and we all go back to our regular schedules, we may not be in great physical condition. All those days and nights of watching TV, playing games and eating snack foods will show up on your body. If there’s ever been a time when it’s important for all of us to be at our best, it’s probably now. We want to stay healthy and stay in shape. And that goes for the whole family, even the pets.

One way to do that is with a sound diet and exercise program. Walking and daily exercise can help your mind stay sharp. Many families are cooking at home now instead of eating out so much. That gives us all an incredible opportunity to discover some delicious foods that can help us stay strong. Some of these foods include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and lean meats. You might try experimenting with a few new recipes.

Delicious Soup Recipe

Soups can be a delicious way to get your family to eat all their vegetables in a painless manner. Brown a bit of stew meat in a large pot then cover it with water and allow it to cook on medium low heat for several hours. Add fresh vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, onions, squash, green beans or whatever your family loves to eat. Bake a nice hot pan of cornbread to go with it. Cornbread mixes are easy to use and convenient. Soup and cornbread is a hearty meal for just about any time of the year.

Great Exercises You Can Do at Home

Even if you’re stranded in the house, there are still lots of opportunities for exercise. Below are just a few of the exercises you can do in your own living room or bedroom:

  • Glutes: The squat
  • Chest: Push-ups
  • Waist: The side bridge
  • Abs: The bicycle maneuver
  • Hamstrings: Swiss ball hamstring curl
  • The back: Pull-up
  • Thighs: The lunge
  • Upper arms: Triceps dips

Supercharge Your Healthy Habits with Juvenon Energy

Another great way to burn fat and build muscle tone is to take the Juvenon Energy Formula. This product helps you burn more fat while boosting energy and improving muscle tone. In addition, you’ll enjoy better sleep and sharper cognition skills.

As our bodies age, they need additional help to stay in optimal condition and Juvenon Energy Formula provides all that and a lot more. This product has been known as the “fat burning fix.” It boosts vitality and strengthens your heart. Even if you’ve tried and failed at dieting in the past, this formula can help. It contains some incredible ingredients that work together in harmony to give you the stamina, weight loss and cognitive skills you once had at a much younger age.

All-Natural Ingredients

Juvenon Energy Formula contains so many heart-friendly ingredients that are all-natural and good for your body. These ingredients were developed and designed to work together in harmony to make weight loss easy. You can get slim and stay that way, so let’s take a look at some of these high quality ingredients:

Vitamin D3 – The primary source of D3 is the sun. As we age, our skin manufactures less D3. However, we need this vitamin for important cellular functions and energy production. If you’ve been feeling sluggish or experienced brain fog, then you’re probably low on vitamin D3.

Creatine – Creatine helps generate energy. This naturally occurring organic acid is synthesized in the liver. Often dubbed the “universal energy molecule,” it is used by every cell in your body. It’s found in foods like high-protein meat and fish.

Green Tea Extract – This has been dubbed the healthiest beverage on the planet. Green tea activates fasting genes and helps promote a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism) and fat oxidation. It’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can improve brain function while lowering your risk of cancer.

Resveratrol – This substance is great for your heart and brain health. It belongs to a family of polyphenols that protect your body from free radicals. It can decrease your risks for heart disease, inflammation, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer; plus it boosts metabolism.

CoQ10 – This supplement has been shown in many studies to keep your heart cells healthy and functioning at their peak. CoQ10 is a fat-soluble antioxidant concentrated in cell mitochondria. It helps boost cellular ATP levels and offers so many benefits, but it is one of those substances that does decrease as we age.

Vitamin B12 – This water-soluble vitamin helps keep the body’s blood and nerve cells healthy, plus it helps your body manufacture healthy DNA. It can prevent anemia and keeps you from feeling weak and tired. It unlocks the energy in our food and makes it easier for the body to process nutrients.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – This antioxidant is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in many foods such as broccoli, spinach, and yeast. It helps burn fat and activates your cellular defense mechanisms. It breaks down carbohydrates so they can be used for energy throughout your body.

Biotin – We should be getting enough biotin from eating a healthy diet and yet many of us are not. That’s why it’s important to include this in your supplement program. Biotin helps you have healthy hair, skin and nails, plus it can work to help regulate your blood sugar. Results for people taking Juvenon Energy Formula are astonishing, and backed by over 800 clinical and scientific research studies.

Try Juvenon Energy Formula

When you include Juvenon Energy Formula in your supplement program, you’ll notice much better results from your exercise routine. Plus, you won’t have to worry anymore if you’re not eating right. This formula contains everything you need to be happy and healthy while getting a good night’s rest.

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