5 Ways to Preserve Your Hearing And Avoid Hearing Aids

Did you know that, according to AARP, more than 48 million Americans have some type of hearing loss that seriously disrupts their life? What’s more, that includes 1 in 6 baby boomers and two-thirds of those over 70. And as our boomers age that number is expected to rise significantly in the future. Hearing aids address this frustrating issue; however they are an unwanted expense and stigma for some people. Fortunately, there are proven strategies to protect and improve your hearing that don’t involve hearing aids. In a nutshell, a healthy body and mind are much less susceptible to hearing loss. Here are five lifestyle tweaks that can preserve your ears for years. Get Your Heart Pumping! Cardio exercise — walking, running, cycling — helps to improve blood flow to your ears, which is good for your hearing. Wear a helmet for biking because a fall that results in concussion can harm your hearing.  Make Friends With Ear Protection: Protect your hearing and avoid loud situations whenever possible. Earplugs do more than dull the sound of a snoring spouse. They can protect your ears from the loud noise of machinery like lawn mowers and power tools. Comfortable plugs and noise-canceling headphones …

Beyond Diet and Exercise: Controlling Blood Sugar

According to the recently published National Diabetes Report, over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes. That’s nearly 10% of the population. Perhaps more disconcerting is that nearly 30% of those folks go undiagnosed, unaware that they even have the disease. All told, adult type 2 diabetes accounts for 95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes.