Olivia Harrison

Is diet soda safe?

Tufts University newsletter recently explored the issue of diet soda safety and why you might want to explore beverage alternatives. Diane McKay, PhD, an assistant

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Holiday Season Stress

4 Delicious Stress Busters

The holidays are upon us and with them comes joy and laughter. But let’s be honest … there’s always an element of stress involved with these festivities. Here’s a tip: incorporate these super stress-zapping foods into your diet and breeze through this busy season!

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Longevity Tips

5 Great Longevity Tips

What are the secrets to a long life and healthy aging? And how can you kick those common aging laments to the curb? Juvenon provides an essential foundation for cellular health and in turn renewed energy and vitality.

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spicy food

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

It’s one of the most frustrating dilemmas of aging – a sluggish metabolism. Unfortunately, as we age, we burn fewer calories a day. But don’t despair; there are easy ways to stoke your fat-burning potential. Here are three simple tips for cranking up your internal flame.

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4 De-stressing Tips You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

Stress: There aren’t too many folks who don’t have this meddlesome monkey on their backs at some time or another. On the plus side, the stress response helps you stay focused, energetic, and alert, and in emergency situations it can save your life. But on the negative side, stress can wreak havoc on your health and quality of life.

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