Is it Arthritis or Just Joint Pain?

Millions of Americans suffer with joint pain and most of them believe they have arthritis. But joint pain can be caused by numerous illnesses and conditions. Any type of chronic pain can take away from your quality of life and there are often no real cures. There are over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, essential oils and … Read more

The Secret Of People Who Rarely Get Sick

Immune health is a hot topic this year, especially as we enter cold and flu season in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, there are several ways—in addition to practicing good hygiene and following public health recommendations—that you can bolster your body’s natural defenses against sickness this winter. These strategies include optimizing your … Read more

Swedish Study: Dementia skips fit folks!

Instructor performing yoga with seniors

Dodge dementia with exercise, study proves According to a recent article in Easy Health Options, there’s now even more proof that exercise and brain health go hand in hand. Want to boost your brain power? Maintain your memory? Reverse age-related brain shrinkage? Then hop on that bike, roll out that yoga mat, dust off those … Read more

3 daily habits that drain your energy

Tired woman sleep in the library

Do you feel drained before your day even kicks in? According to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum of Good Health magazine, there are three common habits that may be contributing to your waning energy supply. 1. You “check in” before you turn in Research shows that staring at the cool blue and white glow of phones, tablets, … Read more

5 Tips to Rekindle Things in the Bedroom

couple embracing

Love, relationships and sex are so much a part of the human experience. When we think back on all the great, amazing fun times of our lives, we will recall a few memorable relationships that stand out. Maybe there was incredible sex, enduring love and great passion in the relationship. So many things go into … Read more

Stress for the Best: Can Resveratrol Make Us Healthier?

food rich with resveratrol, grapes, plums, goji, peanuts, cranberry,raspberrys, dark chocolate,red wine

What is resveratrol and what does it mean to our health? A polyphenolic compound, resveratrol seems to help plants and animals survive under stress. Although not yet considered a vitamin, resveratrol may also be an effective supplement against human neuro-degenerative and age-associated diseases. To better understand resveratrol’s potential benefits, let’s start with the plants that … Read more

Cellular Health for a Strong Heart


As you age, your heart function naturally diminishes. Emerging research suggests that this could be due to changes in mitochondrial function. Therefore, improving mitochondrial function may help to keep your heart stronger, even as you age. The mitochondria, or the “powerhouses of the cell,” as you may have learned in school, are specialized organelles found … Read more

5 Circulation-Boosting Foods

chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that health problems associated with aging are largely caused by stagnant blood circulation. And modern research confirms it! Circulation problems are hidden and silent, so they are easily overlooked. But they can cause serious damage to your heart, brain, liver, vision skin and limbs. Improve your circulation system—and everything changes … Read more