Aging Skin & the Free Radical Theory

Aging Skin & the Free Radical Theory
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Aging Skin & the Free Radical TheoryThe familiar adage “beauty comes from within” has been bandied about since time in memoriam. However, now there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting the theory that youthful, beautiful skin is, indeed, a reflection of what is going on inside your body at the cellular level.

Free Radicals

To understand the entire aging process, one must start at the cellular level. The well established free radical or mitochondrial theory of aging states that the mitochondria are the major source of toxic oxidants, which are capable of reacting with and destroying cell constituents. The consequence of this destructive activity is an inefficient cell and a body we recognize as aged (wrinkled skin, low energy level).

Skin Health
Premature aging of the skin is caused by free radicals. Collagen, a protein that makes skin firm and supple, is especially susceptible to damage from free radicals. Over time, this leads to inflammation and glycation or ‘bonding’ of collagen fibers, damaging the integrity of the collagen. This in turn causes the skin to become stiff and inflexible, forming lines or wrinkles and contributing to the overall aging of the skin.

The sun is not the primary source of free radicals that that cause premature aging of the skin. In fact, 90% to 95% of free radicals are created inside your own cells by “dirty” creation of energy by mitochondria. This is why, even if you stay completely out of the sun, you will still wrinkle with age.

In short, free radicals – created mainly by the mitochondria of our own cells – sap our skin of its youthful appearance!

Alpha Lipoic Acid to the Rescue
Antioxidants combat free radicals and their affect on your body and skin. Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is the ‘mother’ of all antioxidants because it is actually the master switch that turns on your body’s own antioxidant work force. Importantly, ALA can work up to 1,000 times better than other antioxidants because it can work indirectly. Instead of mainly acting directly on free radicals, ALA activates your body’s free radical defense systems, which are up to 1,000 times more powerful than a normal antioxidant. In other words, alpha lipoic acid has a direct benefit to the skin cells from the inside out, where most of the free radical damage occurs in the first place.

ALA: Combating Aging One Cell at a Time
Another benefit of ALA is its important role in healthy metabolism. Aging cells are characterized by decreased energy production and metabolism. ALA helps to protect the cells so that they can carry out their essential functions and combat aging and support a more youthful vitality. This is important for our overall health but equally important for healthy skin.

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Lipoic acid is very popular in skin creams because it works so well to turn on your skins antioxidant systems. But it can’t get deep down into the skin. The only way to get it deep down into the skin is to take it orally so your body’s circulation carries it to the deep skin cells and it can work at the cellular level, benefiting your skin from the inside out.

Beauty from the Inside Out
Oral supplementation of alpha lipoic acid is key for improved cellular health that is reflected in one’s overall well-being, and ultimately skin quality. As with any supplementation, it’s wise to consult with a trusted healthcare provider. Every organ in our body, including our skin, benefits from a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutrient-rich diet, frequent activity and minimal exposure to cigarette smoke and other pollutants. It still rings true: beauty comes from within.

In the coming months, the Juvenon Health Journal will continue to feature research that will help you stay informed and healthy. By offering effective, all-natural supplements and health news you can use, Juvenon provides an essential arsenal for combating aging enemies.