3 Ways To See The Glass Half Full

3 Ways To See The Glass Half FullStudy after study has concluded that optimists tend to live longer. Not a half-full kind of person? Don’t despair, pessimism isn’t hereditary. In fact, it’s something that can be changed in as little as a week, according to Prevention magazine.

Here are three quick tips that can help direct you to the sunny side of the street soon!

  1. Count Your Lucky Stars:
    Countless studies have found that jotting down your blessings can help you stay positive and keep things in perspective. Consider placing a gratitude journal at your bedside.
  2. Pick Your Words Wisely:
    Whether you are actually verbalizing them or simply speaking them in your mind, vocabulary can shape your perception of the world. Ditch “always” and “never” and bump up words like “great” and “wonderful.”
  3. Get Moving:
    Ah yes, yet another benefit of exercise! Working up a sweat is sure to provide a positive attitude adjustment. According to one study, even a half-hour of low-to-moderate intensity exercise boosted the participants’ spirits for at least 30 minutes post-work out.