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Juvenon Youthful Memory: Miracle Molecular Breakthrough Helps You Grow New Brain Cells and Conquer Memory Loss at Any Age

Salk's Vaccine WorksIn a stunning breakthrough, the renowned Salk Institute, founded by Dr. Jonas Salk, has discovered what may be the solution to age-related memory loss. After years of painstaking research and testing, Salk scientists have isolated a molecule (fisetin) that may play a crucial role in improving multiple pathways of brain function. Our top researchers report that fisetin is one of a handful of nutrients that, as studied in cell culture and animal studies, have been shown to actually grow new brain cells, support the health of existing brain cells, and even rejuvenate the neurons of aging cells.

Juvenon researchers have also analyzed this game-changing memory molecule, extracted from the common strawberry. They then expertly combined it with 11 additional “smart nutrients” that keep memory and mental focus firing on all cylinders.

The result is an exciting new brain-health formula—Youthful Memory.

Youthful Memory
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Youthful Memory from Juvenon includes levels of fisetin (pronounced fi-see-tin) used that are comparable with those used in the Salk Institute studies. Several key Juvenon ingredients supplement this as follows:

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine [NAC] – A derivative from the amino acid cysteine, NAC is a super antioxidant that reduces free radical damage in the brain. Like fisetin, it also boosts levels of glutathione – a crucial brain antioxidant. Studies show that NAC helps improve memory and cognition in older people.
  • Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid – This trio of nutrients compliments the benefits of NAC and can reduce brain shrinkage and improve memory. Our formula contains the same amount of folic acid, B12, and B6, that showed promising results in a recent major study.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid [ALA] – One of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier, ALA safely penetrates deep into the brain, helping to reverse damaging toxin overrun. Additionally, ALA jumpstarts the mitochondria in your cells and links together vital connections.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine [ALC] – This nutrient may improve levels of acetycholine, a neurotransmitter required for mental acuity. ALC can increase energy production to “wake up” the mitochondria in brain cells, which can then lead to better thinking and a longer attention span. ALC declines as we age and people with memory problems tend to have especially low levels. Therefore, supplementing with ALC is essential for supporting good brain health.
  • Resveratrol – A well-known anti-aging antioxidant, resveratrol was also found to amplify the memory-boosting effects of fisetin in Salk Institute studies. Like NAC, resveratrol also helps to protect the brain from toxins that may affect memory and cognition.
  • Chromium Picolinate and Biotin – These nutrients help deliver fuel (glucose) to the brain and support insulin metabolism. Studies show that chromium can improve recall and recognition memory – two signs of a key advance in memory health.
  • Vinpocetine – Like resveratrol, vinpocetine acts as a vasodilator that relaxes the capillaries in the brain to improve circulation. This in turn helps memory and mental recall.
  • Vitamin D3 – This vitamin supports healthy memory and cognition. In a study conducted at Washington University in St. Louis, scientists found that people with low cognition and mental recall typically have low levels of Vitamin D3.

Juvenon Youthful Memory doesn’t just contain these ingredients—it presents them in the forms and at the levels shown by science to deliver the most benefits. Thanks to Youthful Memory, the older you get, the sharper you could become. Order this exciting new breakthrough and help your brain “grow younger” with each passing day!

Juvenon vs Juvenon Youthful Memory?
Q: What’s the difference between Juvenon’s signature supplement and Juvenon Youthful Memory? Should people take both?

A: Yes, I recommend taking both of these products and will explain why.  Youthful Memory’s cadre of nutrients help to protect the brain, improve cognition and memory, and protect the nervous tissue from the damaging effect of oxidants and free radicals.  On the other hand, the nutrients in Juvenon cellular supplements can improve the energy efficiency of cell mitochondria that slows down as we age. For this reason, you might also consider Juvenon Youthful Metabolism®.
Restoring your metabolism can enhance your cellular energy and boost the effectiveness of other supplements. With Juvenon, youthful energy and memory work together. If the cell mitochondria are healthy and firing on all cylinders with Juvenon, you will be able to process the active Youthful Memory nutrients better and you will see a synergistic effect on brain health and function.

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