Ultimate Bone Density

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Ultimate Bone Density by Juvenon Turns On Your Body’s Own Bone-Building Factory

Did you know your body is in a constant state of remodeling? In fact, 10% of your entire skeleton is broken down and rebuilt each year!

Here’s how it works. Unhealthy bone gets whisked away by special cells called osteoclasts. This releases calcium into the bloodstream where it can be re-deposited into bones later. At the same time, the important osteoblast cells get busy building new, healthy bone. This continual process is an even trade until about age 40 when there’s more bone breakdown than bone-building. Bone removing cells may even start breaking down perfectly healthy bone. Meanwhile, the rest of your bones are left frail and weak. And your dreams of an active, independent life are dashed.

Scientific Solution To Accident-Waiting-To-Happen Bones

Juvenon has created a new formula that helps keep your bones strong and dense at any age. It’s called Ultimate Bone Density and it features strontium, a mineral that has been proven to help form strong bones in numerous human clinical studies.

Strontium: Scientifically Proven To Slash Risk of Frail Bones

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Strontium was first tested back in 1959 when researchers at the Mayo Clinic conducted a study with a group of patients with severe bone loss. The results? Every patient in the study – that’s 100% – experienced some level of improvement in bone strength from taking strontium. What’s more, over 66% reported “significant relief” from their bone pain.

In another study, elderly women, taking strontium slashed their risk of developing thin, brittle bones by a whopping 59% in the first year of treatment.

Ultimate Bone Density contains 2000mg of strontium citrate. Strontium citrate is the supplement form of strontium ranelate.

This advanced nutritional formula also includes:

  1. Vitamin K – Best known for its important role in blood clotting, Vitamin K also delivers big bone benefits. This vitamin triggers a protein in the blood called MGP that moves calcium out of the blood and delivers it into the bone where it belongs. This in turn, strengthens bone and may reduce calcium build up in soft tissue such as arteries.
  2. Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D is what your body makes when it’s exposed to sunlight and too often we just don’t get enough of this bone-strengthening vitamin. University of Colorado studies show that lack of Vitamin D is linked to soft, weak bones in children and thinning bones in the elderly. In another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, half of women with bone loss were found to have very low levels of Vitamin D. Ultimate Bone Density provides 1000 IU of this important sunshine vitamin.
  3. Tea, Olive Leaf and Hops – This proprietary bone blend features both black and green teas, which are both high in polyphenols and natural antioxidants that support bone building and regulate bone loss. Olive Leaf extract is high in an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compound called oleuropein. Meanwhile, hops is shown to help break the destructive cycle that leads to thinning, fragile bones as we age.

Build A Strong Framework For The Ultimate Dream Home – Your Body!

  • If you want to slow down bone breakdown
  • If you’d like to build both outer and inner bone for greater strength
  • If you hope to cut the risk of developing frail bones
  • Or if you simply must have strong bones that pass the test of time…

Ultimate Bone Density is the easy, worry-free solution to keeping your bones strong for life. We base all the potencies on the latest scientific research, and we use only the highest quality ingredients.

What’s more, Ultimate Bone Density is guaranteed to help you build stronger, denser bones or your money back. Order today.

Juvenon Risk Free GuaranteeYour order is backed by one of the strongest guarantees in our industry. Return unused product within 60 days and we’ll refund the full product price. Period.

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