6 Ways To Promote Brain Health

What does the White House have to do with promoting brain health? It turns out plenty, as the White House Conference on Aging recently hosted a webinar on Healthy Brains. The hour-long program featured experts from the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes on Health and the Administration for Community.

Three Good Reasons to Get the Blues!

Soon fresh blueberries will be cropping up everywhere from the corner grocery store to the local farmer’s market. This luscious beauty is America’s second favorite berry after strawberries. One of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries reach their peak in June and July.

4 Ways To Beat Stress Fast

Whether you are a yoga instructor or an air traffic controller, you can’t eliminate stress completely from your life. Stress triggers your body’s fight or flight response; your adrenaline starts pumping, your heart beats faster and blood pressure soars.

5 Easy Ways To Beat Belly Bloat

You know that “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” feeling? Perhaps you’ve been eating sensibly, but somehow you feel puffy and uncomfortable? This temporary abdominal distension is commonly known as belly bloat and it is different than the extra weight that many wrestle with.