Essential Calcium Magnesium

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Heart, Muscles and Bone Support

When it comes to bone health, maintaining a proper calcium and magnesium ratio is critical. These minerals are essential to maintaining bone density and strength. Due to diet, and because the body no longer stores calcium after age 30-35, the U.S. Surgeon General estimates that half of Americans over 50 will be at risk for fractures and low bone mass by 2020.

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Supplementing minimizes the risk. Since magnesium aids calcium absorption, the two nutrients should be taken together. Juvenon Essential Calcium Magnesium Supplement is formulated for optimal absorption. It provides the recommended 2-to-1 calcium to magnesium ratio to promote bone health as well as to benefit heart, muscle, nerve and metabolic functions.

  • Calcium – In addition to strengthening bones and teeth and minimizing osteoporosis (the softening of long bones), the mineral calcium is involved in contracting muscle. Calcium also contributes to regulating heartbeat, blood clotting and metabolizing iron. It may even ease insomnia.
  • Magnesium – Along with aiding calcium absorption, this mineral helps muscles relax. Magnesium plays a key role in cellular energy production and storage and over 300 enzymatic reactions in metabolism. It has also been credited with maintaining normal blood pressure and promoting healthy arteries.

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