4 Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body From Head to Toe

An aging metabolism is at the root of a myriad of health issues including not only unexplainable weight gain, but also a decline in energy, heart disease, diabetes, and even memory. But before you get discouraged, thinking that the dye has been cast … consider these 4 simple ways to improve your energy metabolism. These methods have been found to increase the population of mitochondria in your cells and repair their sluggish energy output. 1. Exercise: This metabolism boosting tip is probably not a surprise. However, aside from burning calories from the food you eat, exercise normalizes metabolism by establishing balance. Activity level correlates with improved mitochondrial function, and in turn metabolism. Scientists believe that exercise stimulates growth of new healthy mitochondria, and in turn a more efficient metabolism, over time. Scientists believe the primary molecule in the body that stimulates growth of the mitochondria is activated by exercise. Therefore, even older people may enjoy certain aspects of youth, such as strong muscles, endurance and brainpower. 2. Intermittent Fasting/Calorie Restriction: Many folks believe that this method will shut down your metabolism, putting you in survival mode. But now researchers have proven that is simply not true. Scientists believe that, like …

Advice on Getting Off Your Duff

No, we aren’t going to chide you on your couch potato habits, per se. Rather, we are going to let the scientists do it. You see, there’s been a lot of research in the last few years on just how awful long-term sitting spells can be for your health. Obviously, physical health suffers, but now researchers are finding out that lots of sitting can also affect mental health.

Five (Delicious!) Inflammation Fighters

If you’ve read up on chronic inflammation, you know the foods that are the biggest promoters, including sugar, dairy and pretty much anything fried or filled with trans-fats. However, did you know that there are some tasty foods that actually can help? It’s true; researchers have discovered you could beat pain and find relief from chronic inflammation by simply eating certain foods. Here are just a few of the inflammation fighters that may already be in your fridge or panty.

Rx for Combating Disease: Exercise

Chances are you are well aware of the merits of exercise. However, recent research suggests that the benefits of exercise in reducing mortality from heart disease, diabetes and stroke match or even exceed the effects of prescription drugs for the same conditions. In fact, an article in Tufts University Newsletter reported that patients, who exercised, for instance, had the same odds of surviving the condition as those given medications such as statins or antiplatelet drugs.